In Home


In Home Behavior and Training Sessions

Due to time constraints and lifestyle demands, in home training services may work best for you and your family. Appointments are scheduled weekdays and most weekends. Training sessions may be adapted to outdoor space as well as inside your home. I can help you:

  • • Teach your puppy correct chewing and potty place preferences;
  • • Learn how to prevent and replace undesirable behaviors;
  • • Foster safe and constructive interactions between your children and your dog;
  • • Set up for polite greetings when guests enter your home;
  • • Develop a reliable recall (come when called);
  • • Use a structured technique to achieve attentive loose lease walking skills;
  • • Transform an unruly, pushy dog into a calm, respectful companion.

In home training is a productive format for problem behaviors, such as aggression in the presence of dogs, food and object guarding, and other displays of aggression.   High arousal and fearful dogs require particular counter conditioning and training programs to change unwanted behaviors. With an understanding of behavior issues and an action plan, owners can manage and make changes with knowledge and confidence.

In home training fees are based on an hourly rate. There are six-and-ten hour package options as well as an in home/online combination package. Contact Usfor details.