Behavior Modification

“Kim’s approach made sense… She taught me actionable behavior change steps to take.” – Amy R.

When adolescent and adult dogs display troublesome behaviors, it can disrupt life and diminish the enjoyment of our canine companions.  You might be concerned for the safety of the dog and the humans in his world.  “Natural” dog behaviors can become problematic:

  • • Fear of the unfamiliar/remedial socialization
  • • Jumping on a greeter and people entering the home
  • • Placing paws on counters and dining tables
  • • Excessive barking
  • • Resource guarding
  • • Ignoring the recall
  • • Impulsively running out of an open door 

To name some of the most common complaints…Thankfully, the right training program can erode these behaviors and replace them with desirable alternatives.  I can help you learn and apply training tools to teach your dog the new skills needed to achieve change.

We can set up doable plans that create transformation and a management strategy that prevents your dog from reverting back to old habits.  Ready to make “life-with-the-dog” improvements?

In person sessions are in your home and off site, as needed.  I offer six-and-ten hour in person packages, virtual training, and a hybrid in person/virtual package. Contact Us” to learn more.