Puppy Priorities

“Kim’s help was a game changer for our life with our new puppy!” – Sheila C.

Congratulations on the arrival of your new friend!  Puppies can be a combination of cuteness and confusion.  Early training establishes a knowledge base, and confidence replaces confusion.  Puppies are at their best when we humans learn to read their signals.  I can help you understand and effectively respond to your puppy’s behaviors. 

Over arousal behaviors, such as nipping, jumping, and frenetic activity are common in puppies.  How do we erode these behaviors?  We can train in alternatives and incorporate basic obedience, enrichment activities, and informed handling skills.  Bring on that puppy joy!

Recognizing the reasons behind your puppy’s behavior displays can reduce frustration and empower you to find solutions.  Socialization is a deliberate process that sets your puppy up for happy experiences and does not overwhelm her.  I can help you with an action plan to extend your puppy’s comfort zone in the world outside of your home.

Puppies are learning all the time, and our role is paramount.  How do we prevent puppy “mischief” from becoming habitual?  Behavior management means that your puppy has minimal opportunities to rehearse undesirable behaviors.  Working together, I can show you how to set up and respond to your puppy’s behaviors and bring out the best in him.  

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