Customer Reviews

We needed extra training for our 2.5 year old mini goldendoodle. Kim was terrific and taught our dog and us new skills to help keep him calmer and easier to manage especially for when we have visitors.

Kim is professional, skilled, experienced, and a trainer I would highly recommend.

Sharon O.
Summit, NJ

I had a great experience with Kimberly. She helped me with both my dogs and their reactions to basically everything we encounter on a walk. – People, dogs, cats, trucks etc. I no longer dread taking my dogs for a walk as I now have the knowledge and the reinforcement schedule to continue to refine their behaviors.

Robin C.
South Orange, NJ

Kim was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and genuine love of dogs is evident. While our dog Dunkin (a 3-year-old rescue) was generally well behaved, he would often become territorial when visitors arrived at the house. I knew this was behavior that needed to be corrected and I contacted Kim for help. After a brief conversation we put together a 6-week training plan for Dunkin. Kim arrived at our sessions prepared with a specific training plan for that week and provided me with behavior shaping activities to work on with Dunkin. She checked in often and would provide additional training tips for me to incorporate. We saw a significant improvement in Dunkin’s behavior. Overall, I had a great experience working with Kim and would strongly recommend her for your dog training needs.

Craig N.
Westfield, NJ

We rescued our dog, Hank, in December 2023. Since he was rescued from a less than ideal situation, we understood that Hank would need some assistance acclimating to us and his new home. It was certainly a bigger challenge than I initially thought. After a couple weeks with us, we learned that Hank was not socialized at all – he was very anxious around other dogs, had never been on a leash before he was rescued, and had likely never spent any time around small children (did I mention that we have a VERY active, unpredictable toddler?!) Hank seemed super sweet, but his anxiety and fear were overpowering. I knew I needed some help! I reached out to Kim after reading a ton of great reviews. I am so glad that I did! Hank took to Kim immediately. She is an amazing trainer – not just for dogs, but for their people, too! Kim also understood how to manage the dynamics between Hank and our 3-year-old. Hank has settled in so well with us in just 3 months, and I attribute that to Kim. Even though we’ve completed our initial package with Kim, I’ll be scheduling more time with her for sure. Thank you, Kim!

Lindsay J.
Madison, NJ

We worked with Kim for 6 sessions with our new puppy. As first-time dog owners we had a lot of questions and Kim patiently fielded them all. Kim is easy to communicate with and very responsive. She got us on the right track with training and her methods are easy to follow and logical. We liked that she focused on positive reinforcement and not punishment. Our puppy has been very receptive, and we are pleased with his progress. Highly recommend Kim as a trainer!

Fatima W.
Mountainside, NJ

We are so happy that we hired Kimberly to help us train our puppy. She is very knowledgeable, patient, and is always available for questions with quick responses. Throughout the training process, she is always checking in to see how the training is progressing. She breaks her program down into small manageable tasks which over time leads to success. She tailors the program to the needs of the family and the puppy. She uses positive reinforcement in her training methods and was a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Kimberly.

Angela and David S.
Scotch Plains, NJ

Kim has been a god-send to our family. We adopted a second dog who was high-strung and was showing aggression towards my adult son. It was clear that we needed expert psychological assistance. Kim worked with us over 5 months (10 lessons). She also checked in via text in between lessons, so we were able to give updates and ask questions. We have seen a major change in our dog’s behavior and ability to be calm. We still have practice to do as the dog learns to make better choices, but now we have a toolkit to help that happen. Kim understands dog psychology and doesn’t just teach commands. Her technique is based on helping the dog learn to make good choices, instead of showing the dog who is boss. I am so happy that we found Kim and highly recommend her for help with any dog behavior issues.

Grayson A.
Fanwood, NJ

Our little Brussels Griffon, Willie, came into our lives a little over a year ago. While he has always been adorable, his behavior left something to be desired. Realizing that we needed help training him, we did an internet search for local dog trainers in our area and happened to find Kim. We are SO grateful that we did! Over the course of our six sessions, we learned what we were doing wrong and how to better communicate and reinforce desired behaviors. Now he’s like a different dog! Willie absolutely LOVES Kim, and our bond with him has grown even stronger through the training. He’s much more responsive, and everything that Kim has taught us works like a charm. It’s clear that she is an expert in canine behavior and motivation, and her positive reinforcement training has been a pleasure to learn. Kim is a wonderful person, and her years of experience really shine through. We are extremely happy with the results and can’t recommend her highly enough!

Jack W. and Melissa M.
Maplewood, NJ

Kim was a true pleasure to work with. From the very beginning she was great with communicating with me things to work on even before our first meeting. Each time we met we had specific lessons and those built upon each other throughout our sessions. Each one of my goals was met and I have more confidence in continuing to train my dog. I cannot thank Kim enough and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who needs help with their dog.

Kaitlin H.
Mountainside and South Orange, NJ

We had adopted a 10-week-old Cavalier puppy and while adorable, she was a bundle of high puppy energy and constantly on the move. We contacted Kim to start some early one-on-one training and are very pleased with the result. Kim taught us much about understanding what motivates the puppy and how to respond positively. Kim is always calm and collective and our Tashi liked her and responded to her very well. We have learned much by watching her interacting with our puppy. Kim also does check-ins between training sessions, is prompt and at times, has even stayed longer. Tashi is a lot calmer now. She waits and walks quite well on the leash. We highly recommend Kim for all your dog training needs.

Vidya and Mohan
Cedar Knolls, NJ

Kim was attentive, courteous, informative, kind and a pleasure to work with. Unbelievable progress was made with our 1-year-old English Bulldog following our sessions with Kim. We cannot thank her enough for what she taught Chewie as well as my wife and I. Even our 6- and 8-year-old daughters participated in training sessions which helped in their understanding of dog’s needs and behaviors. I will be recommending Kim to our friends and neighbors with new pups and will be quick to call her if we run into any new challenges with Chewie. She was wonderful!

Jim K.
Westfield, NJ

Kim was terrific to work with. She came to every session fully prepared. The shared tips and techniques produced positive results. I look forward to continuing the techniques I learned to continue the positive progress. I would recommend Kim for any behavior modifications you may need.

Janine and Tony C.
Mountainside, NJ

We sought Kim’s help after adopting a 5-year-old Boston Terrier puppy mill mama rescue with whom walks were simply unbearable. We knew there was a good leash walker in her somewhere, but needed help to “unleash” her. We worked with Kim over about 2.5-3 months and are THRILLED with the results. Kim worked with us and Mabel on her dog reactivity issues, leash walking skills, and getting her to lay down and “relax”, all skills that we now incorporate into outings that have allowed us to expand Mabel’s world and make our time with her outside our home SO much more enjoyable.

Kim’s techniques all embrace the power of positive reinforcement and understanding a dog’s motivation in any given moment. Mabel loved our sessions and excitedly met Kim at each of our “lessons”.

Kim’s periodic check-ins between sessions were always helpful and included reminders of our “homework” and inquiries to see if anything needed to be adjusted. She always texted with appointment confirmations a couple of days before each session, was always on time for each meeting, and her communication was always clear.

We would highly recommend engaging Kim for your dog training needs. Her services are worth every penny and we thank her wholeheartedly for the tools she’s taught us over these past few months.

Kim S.
Summit, NJ

We had an excellent experience with Kim. Our six-month-old pup responded so well to her, and so did we as his owners. I’ve seen tremendous improvement, and I know we will see more as long as we stay consistent. I would highly recommend Kim and look forward to working with her in the future!

Sara C.
Westfield, NJ

I called for help because my dog was showing some aggressive-looking behavior towards people. I got Kim’s name from my vet. With training, we are working on more eye contact check ins and using distance to redirect him. One of the bigger lessons learned was me recognizing that I thought he wanted to say hi when he really wanted to avoid a greeting. Seeing that he was actually muscling up. I know how to use food reinforcement now which means less stress.

Joe D.
Scotch Plains, NJ

We called for help mainly because of our dog’s leash walking skills. There were also behaviors in the house where we needed help. Before training, it would take us 45 minutes to get around the block. He would pull us in different directions, stopping, locking his legs, and we were stuck. We didn’t know what to do. We learned how to pay attention to his behaviors during the walks and communicate with him in a way that we stay connected. With the training program, we can do long walks, and Beckham checks in a lot, ignores other dogs, and it is worlds better!

Getting Beckman’s attention is easy now, and Kim taught us how to use food reinforcement to help us. She taught us how to ask Beckham to lie down next to us and relax there when we have visitors in our house. He learned to go to his spot on the rug instead of jumping.

Emily and Ryan C.
Westfield, NJ

Jasmine is our first dog. I had no idea what I was doing with a puppy. I didn’t know how to ask anything of her or get her to focus. Kim helped us to understand how to get behaviors such as eye contact, then keeping her attention to earn a bite of her food.

We were learning all along, especially with leash walking: keeping Jasmine focused, walking alongside me and reinforcing good behaviors on the walk.

Kim’s training was very easy to work with. We learned useful obedience commands and how to use them effectively. The most valuable has been learning how to teach my puppy to “stay”. It has helped with doors, noises, the cleaning crew in the house, leaving the room and asking her to stay by the gates as well as other areas of our home.

Danielle and Michael C.
South Orange, NJ

We called for professional training because our dog, Harry, was out of control. He had bitten someone and was getting increasingly anxious and aggressive towards other people. We did not know the right tools for improvements. As a result of our training, he has calmed down a lot and so have I. When he got riled up, I got nervous. Kim taught me how to handle him when he gets anxious. Now that I know what to do, Harry is responding to us better, and his behavior has improved in general. We did not know how to bring down his arousal level, but we have tools now. He doesn’t get as crazy, because we are all calmer and know how to handle his situations.

Katy W.
Maplewood, NJ

Charlie had back surgery and has some tricky behaviors because he was spoiled during recovery. He was jumping a lot, greeting people, including our family. I was worried about his back and wanted to get “excited” behaviors under control to keep him safe. Since training, Charlie’s behavior changes have been tremendous. His connection with me is stronger, he is not as easily distracted, he walks better on a leash, and he can calm down when family and visitors come into the house. We can ask him to sit from afar and reinforce this with a treat. His emotional control has significantly improved. I feel much calmer and less stressed about him hurting himself. Training was integral to his recovery. Without it we have a higher risk of Charlie re-injuring himself. The training has made a huge difference in his behavior and my stress level. I know it will make a lasting difference because we can continue after the program.

The training was so easy to implement because of the way Kim grades it. I understand that all training is a process and learned to recognize when Charlie is struggling to respond. I know how to adjust and set up successful responses. When I know how to meet him where he’s at, I can work the training from there. I can avoid frustration working at Charlie’s level, and we experience progress. I remembered Kim from about 10 years ago with a “problem girl”, my older dog, who was skittish and scared. Kim fixed things the first time with Lexi. I learned so much, and still remembered what Kim taught me. I knew I had to call her when I needed help with Charlie. 

Laura G.
Scotch Plains, NJ

Kim has been such a blessing for us and our two Black Labradors! My dogs are 2 1/2 years old and 1 1/2 years old so needless to say, they are very exuberant. My initial problem was the dogs jumping on people when someone came into the house. Kim worked with me and the dogs for a month or so on this issue and the dogs were so responsive to her techniques. I love her positive reinforcement, as do the dogs. My older dog is deaf, and Kim came up with a system of hand signals to help my dog understand all the commands! Now the dogs are so well behaved that we are taking them to public places and inside stores with the hopes of using them as therapy dogs. They no longer jump, pull on the leash, or maul my house guests (with love, of course!). They absolutely love their training sessions with Kim which makes the process so easy. I have had Labradors for 25 years, and I can honestly say these two Labs are the best behaved thanks to Kim!

Geraldine B.
Scotch Plains, NJ

We were prompted to call Kim when it was becoming difficult to take Pippa on walks. She was reactive, fearful, lots of barking especially at kids. Walking was anxiety invoking, stressful. We saw improvements from our first training session. Pippa responded to our focus cues right away. We extended to the larger package. When we saw great results with Pippa, we wanted the same for Turbo. It seemed silly to train only one of our two dogs, and it would be a better quality of life for him. Seeing the results, it was a no brainer to continue. We all have benefitted from training. Now we have a recall installed, and the dogs are focused on us during walks. So much better to go on walks with them! We have tools and “know how” to handle them when out and about. We are so happy, and training has made them happier, too. Thank you!

Lindsey R. and Eric G. Pippa and Turbo
South Orange, NJ

Kim is such a kind and wonderful trainer. She is always checking up on my dog, Stormi, to see how she is progressing. Kim really understands Stormi and provides constructive advice. She is also very responsive to any concern that I have expressed regarding puppy behavior. I would highly recommend Kim.

Susan P.
Livingston, NJ

Although we have owned many dogs, our new puppy was beyond our skill level. He had 2 speeds, asleep and full-throttle. Our sessions with Kim gave us insights on how to get his attention on us and not on all the startling, fascinating and frightening things in the world around him. We are well on the way to having the dog we want. Thank you, Kim

Linda R.
Summit, NJ

We brought home a 3 month old puppy and went through a local training class. We sought Kimberly to help us manage her behavior because the class didn’t address how energetic, anxious, and restless she was at home. Kimberly was very patient and methodical about integrating the necessary skills to develop an understanding the of our dog’s behavior and how our actions can help mold her into a calmer and more enjoyable companion. Kimberly was fantastic about responding to questions and concerns between sessions (we signed up for 10) that were spread out over a few months. I will mention that it takes follow through from the entire family to adopt the skills. I really enjoyed the experience, and her expertise was invaluable. Thank you, Kimberly!

Rachel and Liron B.
South Orange, NJ

We signed up for the 6 session Puppy Program with Kim for our puppy Charli Mae after so many people recommending her. We began working with her when Charli was about 4.5 months old. Kim is the best, she is so calm and she explains things so well. I really appreciate how she continues to build on the work of the week before. One of the things I was really pleased about was how she checks in with you in between sessions and is open to questions if you need clarification. My puppy took the best naps after our sessions, which is a sign she worked really hard. Kim helped give us a great foundation for Charli to continue to build her skills. Kim also explains so many things about behavior and has great tips for how to keep your dog engaged and mentally stimulated. I look forward to working with Kim on more leash training skills moving forward.

Laura C.
Mountainside, NJ

We have the most wonderful, lovable cavapoo, just one year old. He was so lovable that he was always right under foot, nipping my ankles to let me know that he was there. And my problem is that I am quite elderly and I cannot afford to fall. Kim was incredible, teaching Teddy to walk safely next to me with no biting. He now walks on the leash WITH me, and best of all, when I say or call out “Come”, he drops what he is doing, and immediately comes to me. Kim is excellent. Just tell her a problem, and that problem will be under control before Kim leaves that day.

Maryann D.
Westfield, NJ

I knew I needed some guidelines when I adopted my puppy, Brady. Kim was recommended by a coworker/friend, and she was great. Very knowledgeable and clearly good at what she does. Brady is most likely a shepherd mix, super active and smart. Food/treat foraging is something I did not think of and it helps immensely to help tire him out. He is very overstimulated on walks, but I now have tricks for that too. Kim is very caring and checks in. She is happy to respond to texts or emails with questions. Brady is still only 7 months old and there is more work to be done, but we have made a great deal of progress. Thanks, Kim!

Nicole N.
Livingston, NJ

Working with Kimberly has been such a positive experience for me and my dogs. I have 2 dogs and was looking for training for my 3 year old Catahoula, who is very selective with people he likes and did not allow people in the house. I was very much at a loss and knew I needed help. It was important to me that the training be positive, reinforcement based, and Kimberly delivered in spades.

From the first meeting, I was impressed with the way she not only trained, but also the way she explained how to work with my dog. Essentially, that training is a process broken down into smaller, repetitive actions that allow the dog to succeed. It’s so simple, but until she said that, I hadn’t thought about training in that way. The process allowed me to make great strides with both my dogs (we eventually added my younger dog into the training). We went from them barking at the door when the bell rang, to them having a dedicated place go and sit/lie, when the bell rings. We went from my older dog not being comfortable with Kimberly in the backyard during that first visit, to being able to come into the house, sit down and have a conversation, with a much more relaxed dog lying on the floor. Night and day difference.

You will have to put in the work and commit to the training and put your dog in the various scenarios that Kimberly will ask of you. But, if you are willing to put in the effort, Kimberly is there to support you every step of the way and is always available to answer questions, asks for updates on progress, and to give advice.

Do I now have perfectly trained dogs? No. But, thanks to Kimberly, I now have the skills to better train my dogs, anticipate issues before they arise, and the ability to adjust as needed.

Kimberly B.
Plainfield, NJ

With 2 toddlers and a 1 year old dog, things were starting to get crazy in our house! We decided it was time for some doggy training and it was totally worth it!! We wanted to work on simple commands and things that were generally annoying us. Just after our first session with Kim, we saw results! Kim’s approach was simple and feasible for us to incorporate into our busy lives. She provided us with easy solutions for the issues we were having. I appreciated that Kim took her time with us and answered all of our questions. It also really helped that Kim was nice enough to check in with us via text between our sessions to see if we needed help with anything. Initially we weren’t sure if training was necessary, but we are so glad we did it. Our family and friends have even noticed an improvement with our dog’s behavior and commented that our dog is no longer crazy!

Kimberly K.
Scotch Plains, NJ

We were very lucky to find a trainer like Kim who was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Kim was the perfect choice for our golden retriever puppy. The training tips provided worked immediately and we saw gradual improvement each week while we worked with her. Kim checked in during the week to see how the training was going and to offer any suggestions. Thanks to Kim, our puppy is on the right track to being a well-behaved adult dog.

Melonie and Damian S.
Cranford, NJ

I adopted my Xander as a senior rescue. He’s a very good boy but protective of his home and me, barking when visitors come and often hard to settle. I found Kim and am so pleased with Xander’s progress. Kim taught me to understand why Xander acts the way he does and gave me tools to help redirect his attention and help him settle easier. She even gave me help with how to ease his anxiety when he was worried I was leaving without him. I feel much more confident in managing Xander’s behaviors because Kim taught me to understand why he was acting in certain ways. I am so thankful I found Kim and highly recommend her services! She’s terrific!

Mikel P.
Springfield, NJ

My husband and I worked with Kim as first time puppy owners. Kim has done wonders to help both of us in handling Brody as well as helping Brody get acclimated to new situations and environments. Kim’s training philosophy and style are incredibly effective and we literally saw results within hours of our first session. All of Kim’s tips, tricks, and guidance are very easily transferable to everyday life with Brody. We also were incredibly thankful for her weekly check-ins as well as her willingness to respond to any question that would randomly come up. Kim was able to assist with helping Brody sit, lie down, stay, remain calm when having guests ring the doorbell and/or come visit, walk nicely on a leash and overall exhibit ideal puppy behavior. We are incredibly grateful for Kim’s time, attention and expertise and would absolutely recommend her to anyone interested in training. Kim genuinely cares about dogs as well as their owners and we loved every second of working with her. We would absolutely work with her again as needed and look forward to keeping in touch!

Shana and Phil L.
Livingston, NJ

We are so thankful for Kim’s expertise in animal behavior and helping us to set a strong foundation for our 2 Aussie Mountain Doodle pups. We called Kim as soon as we knew we were adopting two puppies. We have owned 2 other dogs in the past, but had no clue what would be necessary for raising two at the same time. Kim was the voice of confidence and reassurance right from the very first phone call. We worked with Kim for 10 sessions on the basics of “sit”, “wait”, “down” and leash walking. These skills transitioned our work into the puppies waiting at the door before leaving the house (a skill we wish our prior dogs had) and going to their mat when we ask as a way to regain their attention. Kim was also very helpful with helping us to understand the puppies play style and how to interrupt them when the play became a little too much. Working with Kim has made us more confident and knowledgeable puppy owners. If we ever have any concerns we wouldn’t hesitate to contact Kim once again. We would actually look forward to it!

Lori and Eric R.
Westfield, NJ

We were matched with Kim after having a few scary moments with our 3 year old terrier who would bolt from our home and not come when called. We worked with Kim for six sessions to train our dog on a variety of ways to get her to come to us. Kim worked to also prevent the behavior and gave us attainable and realistic steps to train our dog to be successful staying in our home. She was punctual, organized and is extremely talented in her training knowledge. She has a friendly yet firm demeanor that our dog responded to right away! Kim followed up through text after our sessions to check in on our progress. I am extremely proud of the progress I have seen in six weeks. Thank you for creating a program that was easy for someone who works full time to incorporate. Yet, more effective then anything I’ve ever tried before. We highly recommend Kim to work with your family and fur baby!

Caroline D.
Summit, NJ

Kim was recommended by our vet (Murray Hill Vet). I read the glowing reviews on her website before contacting her. From our initial conversation and my interviews with other potential trainers, I knew Kim’s positive reinforcement approach and manner were the right fit for Abby, our golden lab mix, and our family. We rescued Abby in 2018, 6 months before we became empty nesters. She was about 2 ½ years old, and the rescue knew very little about her history except she had been abused and was extremely nervous and fearful. We quickly learned she was housebroken and knew basic commands so we didn’t sign up for any formal training despite our lack of experience as dog owners. My husband and I hadn’t grown up with pets nor did we have pets in our home while our children were growing up. All seemed fine until the pandemic.

As we began emerging from lockdown in Spring 2021, Abby’s behavior toward anyone entering our house who wasn’t part of our immediate family of four had changed dramatically. She barked incessantly, was agitated, and had to be leashed. After an especially challenging evening with friends who had been to our home many times pre-Covid, we knew we had to address this issue so we could comfortably socialize again at home with friends and family.

Kim worked with Abby and me, her primary handler, over our 6 sessions to create a “toolkit” (Kim’s words) of strategies, rewards, and stimulation that works for Abby. The first few sessions were extremely hard work and emotionally exhausting for Abby and me. Check-ins and homework (including practicing with guests for short periods) were important parts of our training. A few days after each session, Kim always texted to see how things were going and provided suggestions/adjustments based on my feedback. By our last session, we had made significant progress in helping Abby feel safer, calmer, and less likely to display negative behaviors when someone came to the house. My family has also learned these techniques as well, and we’ve had continued success when we need them.

After our initial package ended, Kim provided additional sessions on leash behavior since I now often had difficulty controlling Abby when we encountered unfamiliar dogs on our walks. Kim worked her magic here as well, customizing another “toolkit” for us. Our daily walks quickly became more enjoyable for both of us since I had learned how to use a treat bag effectively and was more confident handling Abby. I now can usually divert her completely from these “trigger” situations. When I’m not, I can now quickly minimize her negative reaction and get her under control compared to before.

It’s been a few months since our final session, and Kim continues to check in periodically. Her ability to understand her clients (human and canine), her positive approach, her wealth of knowledge about crating, rewards, commands, and stimulation (her recommendation of a Snuffle Mat was a game changer) and her passion for her work have made a huge difference for us. I highly recommend Kim and would not hesitate to hire her again.

Springfield, NJ

Kim was wonderful with us and Teddy. She was patient and clear about what we needed to do to help us incorporate Teddy into our family. We learned that it is a process, a test of patience, and the importance of being consistent. Thank you, Kim, for your help. We already see improvements in him and will continue to work on the skills you taught us!

Beth and Paul L.
Livingston, NJ

I’m not even sure that I can put into words how amazing Kim is. I was at my breaking point with my dog when I found Kim. To give you some context, my little guy is a reactive dog, and he gets extremely unsettled with other people (especially men) and dogs around — I’m talking lunging, pulling, barking, growling—he looked absolutely crazed. I would try to take him for walks and between the deer, other humans and dogs, I was the one that ended up being taken for a walk. After each walk my hands hurt and burned and I was always so frazzled coming back home. I knew I needed do something to make him more comfortable and me less uncomfortable. In comes Kim and the rest is history. She gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to understand why my dog does what he does and how I can redirect him and make our outings more manageable. I now have so many tools in my toolkit that I can use for various triggering situations that we may encounter on our outings. I am extremely grateful to Kim and I highly recommend her.

Lisa A. and Ronin
Plainfield, NJ

Kimberly is a fantastic trainer. She was able to help my Frenchie with many items such as recall, getting him to listen to several commands as well as gave thoughtful and insightful information related to keeping my rambunctious Frenchie busy.

She also genuinely was easy to work with on scheduling as well as following up with me regularly to check in with how the session we worked on was playing out in real time.

James M.
Union, NJ

Kim is an excellent puppy trainer! As first time puppy owners, we hired Kim to work with us and our new Australian Labradoodle puppy. Kim set our family and puppy up for success from the start – providing insightful suggestions for how to arrange appropriate spaces for our puppy inside and outside our home. She taught us essential basic training skills rooted in rewarding our puppy for positive behaviors. Her knowledge of a puppy’s mindset was invaluable in helping us anticipate our puppy’s wants and needs. With Kim’s guidance, we are now in a comfortable routine with our puppy, and more importantly our puppy has retained all that she learned while working with Kim! We highly recommend her.

Susan C.
Summit, NJ

We had the pleasure of working with Kim the past few months. She is an excellent trainer who showed patience with us and our dog, Moki. Moki is a small shelter dog, and is very wary of other people and extremely shy of hands. Kim taught us how to slowly address his fears and modify his behaviors using high quality treats, and behavior modification techniques to desensitize this reaction. I was the only one he would allow to put a leash on him. His fear led him to run and hide under tables when my husband tried to leash him. Kim analyzed the situation and with her help, my husband is having more success with getting the leash on Moki. Kim helped us understand that this is a slow process and we need to take baby steps. Although the process is slow, and sometimes Moki regresses, it has been well worth the effort. Moki is more confident around other people, is more affectionate with us, and is starting to play with toys. This was accomplished by using food foraging activities, and teaching us when to approach Moki and when to hold back and let him approach us. Kim followed up with text messages during the week to see how we were progressing. We highly recommend her, and thank her for teaching us how to make our fearful dog be less afraid. We enjoy having Moki living with us, and thanks to Kim, we now know that Moki also recognizes us as “his people” and is happy to live in our house.

Joyce and Bob S.
Gillette, NJ

Kimberly was helpful in our training process and gave us the tools to reinforce positive behaviors in our young golden retriever. She helped identity the top motivators specific to our pup to help tailor our training. For the less desirable habits, we worked on reducing situations that would heighten those behaviors & making simple tasks like meal time more cognitive to reduce guarding. We’re thankful for her support, as we continue to shape the behaviors of our young dog!

Megan L-H
Madison, NJ

Kim was wonderful to work with. Patient, understanding and honest. She coached our puppy and trained us to reinforce his positive behavior and how to correct the less desirable. Kim explained it’s a process and that we need to be consistent in order to get the results we want. With her help we’ve created a strong foundation to build on.

Michele D.
Westfield, NJ

Kim trained our puppy for 6 sessions starting when she was 9 weeks old (and one week after we got her). She was very helpful in terms of answering all of our questions, not only during training sessions, but in between training sessions as well when she would proactively check in with us. She was very knowledgeable and had a solutions that worked for every issue that came up. She ensured that we learned 4 basic commands – sit, down, wait and come – that we can use in all situations throughout our puppy’s life. She also provided us with an amazing list of toys and chews that our puppy has loved. I highly recommend Kim!

Rick R.
Livingston, NJ

The best trainer ever! Kim educated, taught, and trained all of us! She checked in to see how we were doing and shared our joy with each step of success! Hawley felt safe, loved, and trusted her! Best thing we did for our family, friends, and joy living with Hawley!

Sandi H.
Green Brook, NJ

Kim was referred by my veterinarian when I got Hank, a large, lovable black Lab.

Kim was patient and soft spoken, but absolutely in charge when it came to Hank’s training. She discussed and explained the procedures and then reinforced them, watching Hank and I over the course of weeks. She also checked in with us to hear how the progress was going and suggested tweaks when I mentioned some of the difficulties we were experiencing. Hank, I’m very proud to say is doing well, a work in progress, but has the foundations down to make him a well-behaved pet! I would recommend Kim to any dog owner, whether new or old, experienced or novice. She has the knowledge and experience to turn your lovable dog into a good citizen!

Chris T.
West Orange, NJ

We started working with Kim when our puppy Munsie was 7 months old. Kim knew all the methods in handling and training our super energetic Pit Bull. She especially helped us with greeting people at the door, our nighttime crate ritual and leash walking. We were happy to have found Kim and look forward to working with her again in the near future. She is a true professional and has a wonderful connection with dogs. We highly recommend Kim for dog training.

Mark S.
Westfield, NJ

We loved working with Kim! She is a constant wealth of training knowledge. What I appreciated in particular was her frequent follow up texts to see how our dog was doing and how the training was going. We could text or call her at any time to have a quick chat about certain aspects of our dog’s training. We feel that she went above and beyond to be available to us when we needed her.

Heather V.
Florham Park, NJ

I found Kim only about a month into getting my 10 week old Havapoo puppy. Kim immediately connected with Bucky and most importantly showed me effective ways to manage his behavior and what triggers certain actions. Kim has been there for us every step of the way, from feeding tips, to crate training, socialization, and even bringing him out and about to new parks. She holds both me as a dog owner and my dog accountable each week with check in texts and is there to answer any and every question you might have. All her training is positive reinforcement and has enhanced my relationship with my pup. Kim is adaptable and is able to read what Bucky needs and base the training off him (not generic training/one way fits all.) I recommend Kim 110% to anyone looking of any training 🙂

Kim M.
Piscataway, NJ

We started working with Kim when our pup, Mookie, was 5 months old. After having an extensive onboarding call prior to our first meeting, my husband and I felt very comfortable with the process. Our biggest problems with Mookie were barking, coming when called, and biting. Mookie is a schnauzer, he is prone to barking, but we were taught distraction techniques to help abate that. We also had a lot of fun with different recall games. This is something that we need to continue, but everyone enjoys it! Especially Mookie, who gets all the treats.

Every week, Kim would start by asking how Mookie’s been and what he needs work on. She’s invested in her dogs and owners. I have recommended her to all of my friends who have dogs, even strangers walking their pups.

Debbie F.
Scotch Plains, NJ

After adopting a 1.5 year old dog, Martha, at the start of the pandemic, my husband and I were both at a loss with how to train her, being unsure of her full background and where she had been before she came to us. Kim was SUCH a great help starting with our initial phone call (where she could hear our dog barking at critters through the window) and through the rest of our sessions. She gave us so many great tips and insight into why Martha was behaving in certain ways, and taught us how to cope with her critter obsession, calm her down, and work her very busy brain with toys and games! We also worked on leash training and basic obedience skills. Kim breaks everything down into manageable steps so no one (dog or owner!) gets overwhelmed. You can tell from the second you meet Kim that she truly loves dogs and what she does — we would highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a patient trainer who will teach you to not just train your dog, but understand them.

Sara D.
Cranford, NJ

Kim came to train our 9 week old puppy, and she immediately became a favorite visit of his! He enjoyed her company, which is a great sign to start! Kim gave many helpful tips throughout the training sessions. After each training, we would work on what was taught, and it was successful. Repetition and patience is key. Kim would follow up during the week to check in, and even after our sessions were complete, she would check in then. I would absolutely recommend Kim if you need some training for your dog or puppy. Key is to trust in her process and you will see results.

Jennifer C.
Cranford, NJ

Kim was a lifesaver! We had a very hard time adjusting to our goldendoodle puppy over the summer. Kim provided so much support. First of all, she normalized his behavior (which was so helpful!) and then she taught us so many concrete things to do with him. We worked on loose leash walking, rules for game playing, helping him not to jump up on the kids, mat training and training vs. behavior management. She provided so many suggestions for toys, chew items, etc. Kim helps you take a cooperative approach with your puppy and I cannot thank her enough. I don’t know where we’d be without her!

Val C.
Chatham, NJ

Kim has been amazing in training our puppy. Rover is our first puppy and we had no idea how to handle him. We struggled first few weeks till we had Kim. Kim guided us in training Rover and we started seeing difference after first class. Kim is very patient and always ready to answer all the questions even after class. Rover is now very good in all the cues Kim taught him.

Nisha C.
Livingston, NJ

Working with Kim was such a wonderful experience for both my wife and I. We are both first time dog parents, so we were flying blind before working with Kim. We did a puppy training program for our puppy who was 4 months when we started. Kim was able to educate us on how to handle our puppy and explained to us why things were happening and how we can correct them. I highly suggest Kim as she is extremely knowledgeable and was a true pleasure to work with. You can tell Kim truly enjoys what she does and it shows in her work.

Kevin T.
Cranford, NJ

Kimberly Mandel is a wonderful person. She is a great dog trainer and an all around special person. She is so easy to work with. My puppy has adored her from day one, has learned so much and is a happier dog. Kimberly makes sure the most important things on many levels are what the puppy learns first. She taught me the way this puppy thinks and that helped me so much. I am happy with my dog and she is a happy sweet and loving puppy that loves people—adults and children. Kimberly’s way of training makes everybody happy.

Audrey S.
Springfield, NJ

Kim was absolutely wonderful with my puppy Daisy. Even during a pandemic, Kim was able to accommodate outdoor training. She taught me the basics by thoroughly demonstrating and also explaining the reason why puppies behave the way they do. I learned so much and was able to continue the training at home when Kim was not around. Her gentle demeanor made Daisy comfortable from the very start (the treats/liverwurst didn’t hurt either)! I’ve received compliments from friends: “How do you get Daisy to walk so well on the leash?!” My response: “Hire Kim!”

Danielle P.
New Providence, NJ

Kim was recommended to us to help us work with our new puppy suffering from fear aggression. Kim was incredibly detailed in her explanations and thought processes, patient, and knowledgeable. She helped us, the owners/handlers, to think the way our dog thinks. Much focus is on teaching the handler how to respond to or prepare for a dog’s response. We made immense progress in our few short weeks with Kim. We are now comfortable in having our puppy meet new people and new dogs. I very highly recommend her!

Amy W.
Cranford, NJ

Kim is fantastic, and she was able to read our dog so easily! I have a 10-year-old hound mix with a lot of anxiety. We transitioned into a new house with my fiancé, and he never had any pets before. My dog does not walk well on the leash, at times has protective behaviors, and she tends to bark loudly at everything. Kim immediately recognized that my dog was always “on”, looking for threats constantly. She explained the behaviors and helped us to modify out interactions with her. She still protects her food, but we are both adept at avoiding what triggers the behaviors. She responds much better to us than before. And walking is easier with her, although this is very dependent on us being consistent with giving her positive reinforcement. The more we do, the better she behaves. We are continuing to manage our interactions to get the beat results. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking to address problematic behaviors. Even for older dogs like ours.

Liza P.
New Providence, NJ

I worked with Kim on training my standard poodle Zoey. She was recommended by Murray Hill Veterinary Association (whom I have used for the past 20 years). I had dogs before (all Shih Tzus) and this was my first experience with a large breed. Zoey was 9 weeks old when we started training. Kim was very patient and understanding. She wanted to set me up for success with Zoey’s future. Kim has a very sweet, calm temperament and she taught me how to communicate with Zoey without yelling. She has a holistic way of handling behavior issues, which has proven to be very successful. I chose to work with Kim on a 6-week basis and will probably call her in the future as needed. Kim was not pushy at all as to the amount of sessions utilized. It was completely my discretion. During the 6 weeks, Zoey learned to walk nicely on the leash, sit, lie down, come and wait (even with the doorbell ringing).

Lori L.
West Orange, NJ

Before we brought our puppy Chestnut home, we wanted someone to help us train him since we were both first-time dog parents and knew that Shiba Inus were notorious for being stubborn and difficult to train. After finding Kim and speaking to her on the phone, we were glad we chose her. Kim has helped us so much with best practices and personalized training routines for Chestnut.

Kim spent a great deal of time not only teaching basic commands but also how to understand how Chestnut was interpreting the little details, such as our tone of voice or where we were putting our hands. It was all thanks to her that he now understands basic commands which we can use for more advanced skills.

Now that we’re continuing everything on our own, it’s been much easier trying to get Chestnut to listen to us and again, it’s all thanks to Kim! Not only has she answered all of our questions and never once rushed us, but made us feel as though we could text her anytime, regardless of how simple a request may be. She’s AMAZING and we would highly recommend her to anyone and would definitely reach out again, if we ever need a refresher or more advanced training.

Stephanie M.
Whippany, NJ

I discovered Kim Mandel through many rave reviews posted on our town’s Facebook group. We have an Airedale terrier in the thick of adolescence and I really wanted some more knowledge and strategies for training. We are so glad we arranged for Kim to work with us and our dog in our home. She helped me understand how dogs work in a way that has changed my relationship with my dog. I feel like I can apply the basic principles she helped me understand to any skills or behaviors that I want to shape in our dog in the future.

Megan G.
Scotch Plains, NJ

We had a great experience working with Kim! After our first in-home session, we purchased a package to continue the training sessions for our Golden Retriever puppy, Molly. Kim helped us learn basic techniques to shape Molly’s behavior both in the home and out on walks. The positive reinforcement techniques are practical and easy to learn. Her patience and knowledge put us at ease that we are starting out in the right direction for life with Molly. I highly recommend her services!

Soon B.
Westfield, NJ

Working with Kim Mandel was a very positive experience. We had so many questions, being first time dog owners. Kim has a wealth of knowledge and a tremendous amount of patience. I highly recommend her. Daisy loved her.

Sandy W.
Westfield, NJ

Reliable, caring, efficient, enthusiastic, helpful, and knowledgeable are just a few adjectives to describe Kim’s training. Her visits and training sessions really made a difference for my Cocker Spaniel. Her caring attitude and gentleness were quite effective. She is always available via text or phone and is flexible with her schedule. I would highly recommend Kim as a trainer!

Alicia F.
Hillside, NJ

We have an Australian Labradoodle who we love dearly. He is now about 1.5 yo. He is not our first dog, however was completely different from our other in terms of training. We did all the classes with him- puppy kindergarten, basic/obedience training, and a few others. We were having a hard time, with certain behaviors more than others.

The car was a very big issue. While we used to be able to take him everywhere with us since he was a tiny pup, his behavior as he got bigger (around 10-11 months) was becoming more aggressive with anything involving the car, even before and after. We used to take him for long walks (which required driving to the destination), to/from school with the kids & found we couldn’t anymore. We also took him to family outings, the vet, groomer, and anytime we had to go in the car it was a nightmare. So there was a lot of planning involved.

We tried a few trainers and were at our wits end, and then found Kim Mandel. She saved us!!! She is an amazing trainer!!! She is a certified trainer, who is also a behaviorist. She has a wealth of knowledge in dog behavior and has been in the field for quite some time. She really knows what she is doing. Kim came to our house, spent time with our dog and “got in his head,” and designed an entire protocol for him/us, which we continue to use today. Since then, she has also helped us with other behaviors- going down the stairs without pulling, loose-leash walking, recall, doorbell etiquette/manners, and using the treadmill (that one was more for us, not sure he is really interested). I’m sure I am forgetting some behaviors, as she helped us with so much.

It turns out we have a wonderful dog!!! He just required a different level of training that we were unfamiliar with. We will be forever grateful to Kim and continue to recommend her!!!

Micki & Barry
Livingston, NJ

I had 3 in home sessions with Kim and it made such a dramatic difference in my 9 month old Havanese! We were able to minimize any barking, jumping and nipping behaviors in such a short period of time! Before, I was nervous every time my 3 young children played with him, but now he has learned how to appropriately play and interact with them, which has made having a puppy in our family an enjoyable experience instead of a stressful one. I am so glad I had Kim to teach me how to understand my puppy and ways to alter his bad behaviors. I would highly recommend her.

Christine S.
Florham Park, NJ

I cannot express how much Kim has done for us. My dog is five pounds and barked at everything. I could not sit in the family room with my husband. I could not eat dinner at the table. I could not sit with my son or his girlfriend. My dog would bark without stopping. I started with Kim about two months ago. She is what I would call a miracle worker. So far, through her training and my following through, I can watch TV with my husband. We can sit at the dinner table. I can talk with my son and his girlfriend. We still have more training. Kim is fantastic. I believe with her training and my practicing what she has taught us, we are on our way to solutions. If you are in doubt, just give Kim a try. Results are remarkable.

Nancy M.
Scotch Plains, NJ

Kim did a great job and was so helpful showing us the needed skills to train our Labradoodle. She was so knowledgeable and great at explaining the reasoning for all the issues we were having. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone!

Robyn H.
Scotch Plains, NJ

I feel so fortunate to have found Kim. I welcomed my two baby boys into my home in January… Casserly and Reilly… Labrador Retriever brothers. I was told that they will probably be about 90 lbs. each and the importance of training them. Knowing training has never been easy for me, I knew I needed help. Thank goodness I found Kim. She truly understands dogs and their people. And the results are amazing. She is so calm and patient with the boys and me and we’ve learned soooo much. We have all enjoyed our sessions and her techniques really work!!!!!! Great trainer!!!!!

Patti O.
North Plainfield, NJ

We recently adopted a two-month old Yellow Lab named Carson. As experienced dog owners, we knew the basics but training a puppy was new to us. On top of that, we were bringing Carson into a very busy home with 3 kids under the age of six. We worked with Kim in her six-week, in-home, training course and cannot say enough good things about her work. She was patient with us and our (often loud) family, and most importantly, with Carson. She took the time to explain the rationale behind what she was teaching. In addition, she always asked how the week prior was so that she could work that into her lesson with Carson. She took the time to get to know our family and adapted her training to suit our needs. By the end of the six weeks, Carson had mastered most basic commands, was potty trained and had made great overall progress, and we felt like we had the tools to continue his training. We would highly recommend Kim to anyone in need of puppy or dog training.

Marisa and Chris I.
Westfield, NJ

So happy to have found Kim. When my grandson invaded my very spoiled dog’s domain, we had lots of barking and stress. Kim gave us the tools to restore calmness in our house. She gave us many helpful hints that made a huge difference in our dog and us. Through working with her, I got a new understanding of my dog and his behavior.

Robin D.
Summit, NJ

Kim was amazing from the start. She reached out to me upon my inquiry. We talked for a little, and she gave me a couple tips even before I chose to work with her. Kim was always very responsive to me – phone calls and text messages and was always on time for our appointments.

Gigi, my dog, really enjoyed working with Kim and she learned so much from her. My biggest problem with Gigi was she didn’t know how to walk on a leash and I was always embarrassed to take her on walks because she didn’t know how to behave. Working with Kim through this problem was great. Gigi and I now go for short, but successful walks and she behaves very well.

Kim was an overall exceptional trainer and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a dog trainer. She is professional, courteous and super knowledgeable about dogs and training.

Thank you Kim for an amazing 6 classes. Gigi says hello!

Andres J.
Cranford, NJ

Kim is a great trainer! She is very patient, organized and clearly able to explain the “why” of puppy behavior. Positive reinforcement and clicker training is quick, effective and easy for humans to learn. Kim’s recommendations of various toys and chews have been invaluable and helped us to channel our Golden Retriever’s energy in constructive ways. We met with Kim prior to our puppy’s arrival which really helped us to prepare for our puppy’s homecoming and reduce our stress. I have found Kim easy to work with and highly recommend her!

Maria C.
Westfield, NJ

Kimberly was great to work with. She has a very easy yet thorough was of explaining things to you, as the pet owner. Her knowledge of dog behavior is impressive, and she provides a lot of hands on tools to help in basic training. Our time spent with her was beneficial – we will miss her.

Jo Marie S.
Summit, NJ

Kim was recommended to us through our community and she was nothing short of amazing! She is a tremendous wealth of knowledge when it comes to dog behavior and training. She helped us so much with our 3 month old lab/husky mix. She teaches you what to do and how to practice with your dog so that new behaviors stick. She is truly passionate about what she does and cares about all of her clients. She is flexible with appointments and always available for questions. We enjoyed working with her very much and highly recommend her for your dog training needs.

Giovanna and John M.
Mountainside, NJ

I adopted a mix breed puppy for my 10 year old son at the beginning of summer break. I asked “Ms. Kim”, as we called her, to come and give him a training lesson (he’s our first dog, ever). Kim prescribes to a positive reinforcement program, which we liked. She also wants to get the puppy on your schedule, rather than you on the puppy’s schedule, which we also appreciated. As you can imagine with someone who follows this type of program she is steadfast, patient and very calm. She is a joy to speak with, very sharp and witty. I realized there was so much more I wanted to learn from her that I purchased the discounted 6-pack of lessons. She was great not only with my dog, but in helping my son to understand how to correct his own interactions with the dog in order to get the best training results. Prompt, cordial, and just an all around pleasure. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.

Lindsay C.
Westfield, NJ

Kim Mandel is fantastic! We are so happy with what she taught us in a short amount of time and we also enjoyed her personality and style so much. What a great choice we made with Kim. I am looking forward to referring her because my Rosie & Muffin not only loved her, they respected her! Thank you Kim!!!

Pam E.
Morristown, NJ

As first-time puppy parents to Izzy, a Vizsla pup with lots of smarts and energy, we knew right away that we’d need to enlist the expertise and guidance of an experienced trainer to help set all of us up for success. Kim did not disappoint! She immediately put us at ease by answering all of our puppy-related questions (and we had a lot!) and over the course of a 2-month period, taught us how to best channel Izzy’s smarts, instincts, and energy into her training sessions to help her ‘blossom’ into the well-disciplined, confident, friendly, loving pup she is today. Thank you, Kim, for your calm demeanor, your never-ending patience, and your amazing way with Izzy! She misses you (and your yummy treats too)!

Mike and Jen C.
Fanwood, NJ

My three-year old golden retriever, Finnegan, suffers from the usual case of “golden retriever exuberance syndrome.” He needs to charge at anyone new he meets, especially when someone appears when the doorbell rings, jump all over them, and lay slobbery kisses on his new friends. My wife and I needed to curb this behavior and our vet highly recommended Kim Mandel as a dog trainer. We went through six sessions of training with Kim and our dog has, miraculously, learned to contain his well-meaning but inappropriate kissing and jumping on our friends and relatives. Kim is not a miracle worker but she is close! My wife, Finnegan and I highly recommend Kim’s services.

Patrick D.
Westfield, NJ

My husband and I rescued a puppy and weren’t sure how big she’d get, so we wanted to get her into a training program as early as possible. We found Kim online and loved the reviews she had – we especially enjoyed reading all of her informative blog posts!

Kim was amazing and exceeded any expectations that we had up front! Not only did our dog love her, but she really took the time to train us and had a tremendous amount of patience. This is the first puppy either of us has had in a long time and Kim always spent extra time letting us ask questions and giving us tips on how to approach everything from socializing our dog to setting up our house for success.

We learned so much from Kim and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help. Thanks Kim!

Alex J.
Cranford, NJ

We hired Kimberly to help us with our extremely energetic Lab mix puppy and could not be happier! She absolutely provided the structure we needed to help us get on the right track, especially in terms of the consistency required in maintaining our pup’s focus.

We have witnessed major improvements in behavior…from guests entering the house to simply corralling crazy puppy behavior We are absolutely in a better place than we were before we started. I cannot recommend Kimberly enough!!

The Wimer Family

I’m a first time dog owner, so I did the 6 class package. My dog, Macie and I learned how to work together with Kim’s help. I am glad we got to work with Kim over the course of a few months, so we could right behaviors (mostly mine) over time. Kim was a pleasure to work with. She had so many tips and tricks to help us. Kim is extremely knowledgeable and really put me at ease. Macie was always on her best behavior when Kim was around. She is gentle and caring with the dogs, and it is obviously her passion. I am sure we will see her again as Macie grows.

Dana N.
Garwood, NJ

Soon after adopting my first rescue dog I started looking for an experienced trainer. Kim came highly recommended. I started seeing progress soon after she started working with us. Her caring nature and ability to connect with my rescue was obvious in her interactions with him. She taught me how to understand cues from him that I wasn’t used to seeing in my other dogs. She worked with me to better understand the most effective ways to reinforce her training. I would highly recommend Kim.

Nicole V.
Summit, NJ

When my new pup from the dog rescue snapped at my 3 year old niece, I panicked and reached out to several local dog trainers for help. I was more interested in dog behavior than just your basic sit/stay/down and Kim answered my email promptly.

After a few weeks of working together, I feel more confident in my ability to manage dog-to-dog and dog-to-kid interactions. To my surprise, my busy bouncy Pekingese mix has been an attentive student and seems to enjoy the training exercises. He is better behaved with my older dog and I feel like I understand the dogs and their preferences and motivations better. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone looking for a more peaceful home with better relationships between people and dogs.

Jill H.
Westfield, NJ

As soon as we adopted our 7-month-old puppy Milo, it was apparent that a typical obedient school would be out of the question. He is timid around humans and inconsolably nervous when he’s out of his element. Kim was exactly what we needed: She was gentle and patient as she helped us to get him acclimated to his new surroundings and follow basic commands.

As much as Milo learned from Kim, we learned even more. She taught us how to pick up his cues, how to advocate for him when strangers are around, and how to bring him out of his shell. It’s been a gradual process, but we’ve been consistent with him and have seen real progress – all thanks to Kim! We’d highly recommend her, especially for dogs who are fearful and shy like our dog.

Mike S.
Fanwood, NJ

We engaged Kim to work with our new, young, rescue dog, Dill. We wanted to ensure we properly trained Dill during the first few months he was with us, and, being first-time dog owners, we didn’t know where to start. We are so glad we found Kim! Kim answered all of our questions about Dill’s behavior and always explained why we were using certain training approaches. We worked with Kim over six sessions – and they became Dill’s favorite time of the week! Using clicker training, we worked on:

  • Commands like “sit” and “down”
  • Leash skills (Dill is like a different dog on a walk now!)
  • We also worked on recall – something we particularly concerned about as Dill had shown that he’s a runner
  • We also spent time on “stay”, “wait”, and “leave it”

It was great having Kim come teach Dill in our home as he learned and was tested to execute the skills. He learned in the places where we actually call upon him to follow instructions. For example, we practiced “stay” and “leave it” by the table where we eat dinner. Kim also gave a great list of recommended toys and other items that have benefitted Dill. For example, we tried a front-clipping leash harness that Dill responded well to, some new items he uses to get his kibble, which keep him engaged and eating more slowly, and some new toys just to play that he loves. After working with Kim, Dill is calmer and better behaved. And we know better how to set boundaries, redirect his attention, etc. I highly recommend Kim!

Kelly G.
Fanwood, NJ

We hired Kim to help us train our newly adopted rescue, Lola, who had a few issues: barking non-stop at everyone who entered the house (including my husband), separation anxiety, barking at night, leash walking, and not really knowing how to play. Kim was instrumental in teaching us how to socialize Lola and divert her attention when people entered the house. She worked with us to teach us how to get the dog to listen to commands and came up with logistics to for when strangers entered either of our doors. She taught us recall, strengthened our leash walking skills. Came up with ways to entice the dog into playing. Additionally she went above and beyond by helping us solve the nighttime sleeping problems, and how to adapt to other family members (and not follow me around all the time). We worked with Kim for 6 sessions and in that time, Lola has grown and adapted. She has become a calm obedient and happier dog. And, in turn, we’ve all become happier and better adapted.

I recommend Kim very highly. Additionally she was lovely and helpful and went out of her way to come to us and work around our schedule. Even included my house sitter in our training sessions to make sure we were all on the same page.

Dorothy F.
Chatham, NJ

I contacted Kim because I have two Australian Labradoodles, one 11 months old and one almost 9 years old. My younger dog was acting like a rebellious teenager, table surfing at mealtimes and jumping on people when they entered my house. My older dog, although very calm, had developed certain habits, like barking when others are talking, that have been reinforced for years. Both dogs were regularly barking like crazy whenever anyone rang the doorbell and would enter the house.

Kim taught me and the dogs, through clicker training, how certain limits had to be set. Both dogs were taught to get into a down stay on their beds whenever anyone is eating at the table for a limited amount of time, earning a reward once they are successful. I have also learned to use the same skills whenever I want to work at my desk, cook or do other things where I want the dogs to be in a safe, calm space out of my way.

In addition, Kim has taught us how to use the same training skills when someone comes to the door. Not only does getting the dogs in a down stay take away the frenetic barking and jumping when the doorbell rings, it also allows someone to enter the house without feeling like they are being attacked by two dogs, regardless of how cute they are!

Kim approaches each lesson and the dogs in an extremely competent, knowledgeable and calm way. She makes it very easy, with a lot of practice, to make me and the dogs succeed!

Corey M.
Short Hills, NJ

Our Honey is a very active Husky mix. We were so anxious about managing her, our cat, AND our 3-year-old grandson. Working with Kim has alleviated our anxiety. She taught us ways to maintain order with lots going on in our home. Kim’s training techniques work along with our energetic puppy. Sessions flow naturally with doable plans that help Honey behave like a happy and much calmer dog.

Anne and Charlie I.
East Hanover, NJ

Kimberly is a wonderful trainer! We signed up for 6 sessions with her for our 4 month Labrador puppy and could not be happier with the results. She is a calm, attentive person and such a pleasure to work with. It was also very important to us that we use humane, positive reinforcement only techniques – we do not believe in hurting animals to train them. Kimberly showed us how to do just that. Using simple, incentive based methods, she taught us how to rein in our very excitable puppy, as well as create a safe and happy environment in our home. We would highly recommend Kimberly to anyone who needs help training their dog.

Bidisha D.
Livingston, NJ

I called Kim because my Standard Poodle seemed nervous in the yard and around people visiting our home. Also, she didn’t come to me when I called her. I discovered that many of my expectations were unrealistic: I had to learn how to motivate my dog. After achieving good progress, I also discovered that her capabilities are higher than I imagined. We could set higher behavior goals. She could be a great dog! I have a plan for managing and decreasing her anxiety when people come to the house, and our walks are actually pleasurable. I was frustrated, just believing that she was a challenging dog. Working with Kim gave me great results and hope for better behavior. The best outcome is the improved relationship I have with my dog. I like her more!

Karen O.
Madison, NJ

Shortly after a puppy joined our family, we called Kim to help with housetraining and his constant nipping. We followed Kim’s suggestions and made good progress with Charlie’s housetraining, and his nipping became less and less. The most helpful things we learned in our training sessions were: realizing that the humans need the training, leave Charlie’s leash on when we are home and he is not in his crate, using the “wait” command, because it is one of the most important, and use treats to help Charlie learn and reward his good behavior.

Brian M.
Livingston, NJ

Kim was an incredible trainer to work with, and she made a positive impact on our 8 month Cavapoo puppy. She provided training techniques for both indoor and outdoor behaviors based on the targeted issues we wanted to work on with our dog. Kim was incredibly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Our dog really learned a lot from her sessions, and we were able to utilize and reinforce all of her lessons we learned at each session at home. Our dog has significantly improved in the areas we worked on, and we are very happy with his progression with Kim’s training. We highly recommend her!

Laura S.
Westfield, NJ

We adopted a Manchester Terrier mix about 5 months ago who is super energetic and playful, but also a bit anxious and fearful. While we love his energy, we don’t love his behavior towards other dogs and people while walking on a leash. He used to pull us all over town! We called Kimberly after we had a negative experience with a different trainer, and her method is very different. With positive reinforcement, our pup has been able to relax a bit more on walks. He’s definitely a work in progress, but with Kimberly’s teachings, we have the proper tools to train him confidently. Thanks for your help.

Claudia P.
Cranford, NJ

We used Kimberly to train our 3 year old Schnauzer when integrating her with two cats. It was a pleasure to work with Kimberly. She came prepared, was knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. It was really wonderful to work with someone who listened to what we wanted out of the sessions and focused on our needs. She helped us through the training process and gave us tools to continue training after the sessions. We would definitely recommend Kimberly.

Heather B.
Short Hills, NJ

Kim was great with our new puppy. She taught us many valuable tips, and Gracie loved when she came. She was kind and a pleasure to work with My husband said she trained me well. Gracie is on her way to becoming a well-behaved dog.

Joyce W.
Westfield, NJ

It was a pleasure to have Kim working with our puppy. She is always friendly, timely, and gives great dog training information. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone with a puppy or dog looking for a positive reinforcement approach to dog training.

Amy V.
Short Hills, NJ

In a nutshell … Kim is a real expert; always prepared; and an amazing spirit who is received so easily by anyone seeking help, and most importantly the pup they are seeking to help be trained. Below is my complete testimonial (though there is so much more to be said … she was awesome!)

First and foremost, my sister and I sought out Kim because we understand that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A ONE-AND-DONE DOG WHISPERER. Training your pup starts first and foremost with YOU, THE OWNER. In accepting our tasks as loving guardians, we knew that we had to buckle down and make sure that WE were prepared with the appropriate tools, education, and know-how to educate our pup. Point being, training your pup is no different than raising a child. There is no one-time tutorial, but you can count on just six hours (spread out across a couple of weeks AND with YOUR DILIGENT HOMEWORK) to get the job done. And after that time, EVEN IF things aren’t 100%, you WILL have the skills to sharpen YOU and your pup’s discipline. AGAIN, IT ALL STARTS WITH THE OWNER.

To elaborate even further …. Kim is an expert on behavior training. Having my B.S. in Psychology, I can attest to Kim truly knows everything there is to be taught/learned when it comes to the many evidence-proved techniques concerning learning and memory, and if anything, are EASIER to teach to dogs (as opposed to emphasizing with us humans).

Kim was also so kind and receptive to both me and my pup and ALWAYS listened before she spoke even if what we were doing or saying was not correct. After the first session, I wondered how our pup would respond to her coming back to visit since her visit meant “time to buckle down and get your act together.” However, it was never that type of training session AT ALL. It was a time for US owners to learn in a very educational and helpful manner and for our pup to be eased into these tactics at whatever level HE could endure. She was never forceful, abrasive or rushed the teaching of any behavior.

Finally, her communication and preparedness were top notch. From day one, she was prompt and attentive with all communications (whether phone or email). Before and upon her visits, she always had a game plan and made use of every minute. Last but certainly not least, Kim gives before she takes. She corresponded with me at great length before our first visit and helped us understand some key first steps so that we were both prepared for her first visit.

Neril S.
Westfield, NJ

It was a pleasure working with Kim! She was excellent with our Bulldog Angus. Angus needed a lot of training, especially since my wife and I are expecting our first child this spring. Kim emphasized the use of clicker training and Angus took right to it. Kim covered everything from sit and stays to teaching us how to control Angus’s barking. Kim even brought a baby doll prop and dedicated an entire session to making sure Angus would get used to baby noises and get used to seeing us with a baby. All-in-all Kim was excellent and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great dog trainer!

Greg and Michelle W. and Angus
Plainfield, NJ

We adopted a 6 month old black lab mix last summer and realized very quickly that we would need some help in getting Hunter settled in our household. He needed to learn to leash walk and some basic commands. We had had a dog in the past but what we were doing was not working with Hunter. Our vet recommended Kim and she came for a few sessions and made a huge difference for all of us. Her calm, firm demeanor put us all at ease. She showed us ways to train Hunter (and us!) that worked really well. We have called her back a few times to deal with specific issues, most recently his door answering skills. The part I really appreciate is how she sees the world from the dog’s point of view and how so many things we take for granted can be stressful for a dog, especially a rescue who has been brought from a completely different environment. Thank you Kim!!!

Ann L.
New Providence, NJ

Kim was extremely helpful to our family, especially given the fact that we were first-time dog owners. She came into our house prior to Winnie’s arrival to guide us with all the necessary equipment and house set-up. Once our puppy came home, she was right there to help with a much-needed schedule and provided tips with housebreaking/obedience training. She was also always available through email or text to answer any questions. We appreciate her always calm demeanor, and Winnie seems to respond to her very well.

Marcy K.
Livingston, NJ

We just finished a several week course of training with our two puppies, now aged 4 months. I am thoroughly delighted with the results of Kim’s training – of both the pups and myself!

Kim is a knowledgeable, calm and consistent trainer, who gives 100% of her attention to the task at hand – in my case, making my puppies the best they can be! She respects the dogs’ individual personalities and demonstrates ways to achieve well behaved pets without dampening their spirits in the least. The clicker training is a tried and true method, one that works very well for my dogs (King Charles Cavaliers). She also impressed on me the importance of the human side of the training equation, making sure that we “practice” all our new skills until they become muscle memory.

I highly recommend Kim Mandel. She has been a pleasure to work with – and I look forward to “refresher” courses from her as my pups grow into teens and adults. Thank you, Kim!

Cathy P.
Short Hills, NJ

We have a really sweet English lab named Coby who needed some help with not pulling on his leash and some other basic obedience issues like letting go of things, like our kids’ toys. Kim came in and gave us really useful, practical advice which has immeasurably improved Coby’s behavior and also improved our relationship with Coby. Her attention to detail, her preparation, observations, listening ability and practice advice were incredibly useful. We highly recommend Kim and plan on using her services again.

Ellen and Dan R.
Westfield, NJ

We had a wonderful training experience with Kim! Our dog Lucy is 8 years old, so we definitely had some ingrained issues to address. Our biggest concern was crazy barking at the mailman, delivery people, and anyone who came to the door. Kim helped us learn the causes behind the behavior – anxiety, not aggression! We were able to formulate a plan for me and for Lucy to deal with her trigger situations in a calmer way. It is such a relief to us to have an approach that is working for us all. I highly recommend Kim. She truly understands dogs and owners. Her calm manner and concrete suggestions have been very effective for us.

Susan D.
Summit, NJ

I am fortunate to have found Kim. She was recommended by my vet. I adopted a 10yr old toy poodle and her name is Daphne. Daphne has issues and Kim was kind and gentle with her. She spoke the truth when she said that training her would take a long time because she was never taught. Daphne loved her and her liver treats. I am continuing to take Kim’s advice with using the clicker and rewards. Kim came to my home and then we went to the park to try and train her not to go crazy when she sees another dog. This is work in progress. Daphne just loved her. I would highly recommend her. She was very patient with me and Daphne. She is TERRIFIC!

Rona M.
Clark, NJ

Gracie (a golden retriever puppy) entered our lives in April. My husband and I have never raised a dog before. We also have three children and very busy lives. It became apparent rather quickly, that we were going to need some tips from a professional to establish ground rules with our new family member. Kim Mandel gave us everything we needed and more to feel confident that we were on our way to raising a well-mannered dog. Kim came to our home and worked on key concepts that were important to our family. Kim has a calm demeanor and uses a reward based approach that we felt comfortable with. I am thrilled with the progress that Gracie has made and look forward to seeing her continue to succeed. Thanks Kim!

Megan E.
Cranford, NJ

We adopted a 7 year old dog and quickly realized we could use some help with training and acclimating her to our home. Kim helped our family understand how dogs think and provided clear and actionable steps for housetraining (our dog had been used to a doggie door and now had to learn to communicate with us when she needed to go) and teaching basic commands. We quickly saw improvements in terms of no more accidents in the house and better communication with our dog. Leash walking has been a huge challenge. Kim helped us understand the pros and cons of several harnesses and then worked with us to deal with the challenges of keeping control when walking our dog and dealing with other dog interactions. It’s a work in progress, and Kim had given us the tools we need to be successful.

Emily S.
Cranford, NJ

My daughter had been asking me for a puppy for years, and she must have caught me at a good time, because I finally agreed. We finally decided to adopt a rescue dog, Charlie, but as soon as I took him home, I wasn’t sure if we were training him or he was training us. That’s when I knew to make this adoption successful, we needed help and that is when I contacted Kimberly Mandel. Kimberly showed us how to set boundaries for Charlie and train him – not the other way around. I liked that she came to our home and could design a plan based on Charlie’s environment. I also liked that Kimberly was adaptable to my particular work situation to make things best for Charlie. I still call her with questions after the training. I initially did this for my daughter, but have come to love Charlie myself and he is part of the family now.

Stuart A.
Westfield, NJ

I called Kim after I brought home my very first canine companion, a 14 week old Cavapoo puppy named Charlotte. It was abundantly clear to me at our first meeting that her professionalism and quiet control over my puppy would be just what we required. I had no idea where to begin; but thanks to Kim, Charlotte and I quickly began to learn how to work together to achieve our training goals. Charlotte learned simple commands like “sit” and “down” so quickly, it was an inspiration for me to work with her every day. Kim’s techniques are so great, it makes you think you have the most brilliant puppy in the world. Kim has amazing insight into the canine mind, and thanks to her we have come through out first couple of months together happily and with very little frustration.

Jeanette S.
Scotch Plains, NJ

I thought my Chihuahua, Sky, hated people. Kim taught me that she’s just scared and needed a different way to meet and greet. The biggest problem was calling Sky to come when she is in the yard. She’s good with that now. Leash walking is improved, too.

Marilyn M.
Springfield, NJ

Kim came to us when Charlie was only 8 weeks old. I was very impressed on how well Charlie responded to her. Once she walked through the door all his attention was on her. She was very helpful in training him. He sits, waits, and comes when he’s called. She gave us great advice on potty training, crate training, and jumping on the furniture. I highly recommend her.

Maureen G.
Summit, NJ

I was very pleased with the in home training sessions for our dog. I hesitated to start training, as I thought, with a small dog, it would be easy. However, when they are small and cuddly, sometimes the owner creates bigger problems, with spoiling them because they are so cute. Winnie still needs reinforcements, but within the last 6 weeks, she has become very obedience and listens! Kimberly is truly a pleasure to work with. She is very professional, never late with appointments, and she has made these sessions beneficial to both of us.

Marilyn K.
Edison, NJ

Kim is super helpful and tailored the training totally to my wishes and needs. I contacted her prior to the arrival of our 8 week old puppy. It is our first dog and I needed all the basic help and knowledge. Kim gave me lots of time on the phone. Particularly helpful was the first session before we got the puppy. Kim helped me find a good place for the crate, helped me to size the crate, showed me helpful toys and gave me advice on the local pet stores and vets. She also gave me a schedule, as what to expect when the puppy arrives. That was an eye opener and thank you for that! Busy two weeks, but the schedule worked. I can’t imagine trying to figure it all out without her help. Kim helped me with the dog discipline as well as with my own discipline. The dog likes her and likes her treats and listens to her. I think Margaux is learning fast and happily with Kim. THANK YOU!

Lida B.
Westfield, NJ

Yogi is doing great!! No biting at all, less territorial, and getting better at the door each day! I can’t thank Kim enough. She really helped turn things around.

Beth B.
Short Hills, NJ

I wanted to write this review regarding Kim’s training methods. She is amazing! We have a 6 month-old Bernese Mountain dog puppy and Kim had “Daisy” behaving in the six sessions we met with her. Kim’s methods are logical, effective and easy to remember. Plus, Kim takes extra time to explain each step to the owner so as not to confuse the dog and to make each session a positive experience for dog and owner.
The best example I can give of Kim’s training methods is the one of Daisy being an exemplary dog during Thanksgiving. We hosted 14 people and everyone said that Daisy was the best puppy they had ever seen. I said, it’s not Daisy, it’s her trainer! Kim taught us the methods to keep Daisy well-behaved, entertained by toys and safe from human food she shouldn’t ingest.
Again, I can’t say enough about Kim. In fact, I just recommended her to a friend who has a 10 week-old puppy! 🙂

Jessica J.
Summit, NJ

In the recent loss of my dog, I rescued a 6 year old, 95 lb. German Shepard, Koa. Koa, never leash trained, was a handful! Kim trained me how to leash walk Koa without pulling, encouraging good behavior. Kim’s mild manner and patience coupled with her knowledge and expertise is priceless. She is always available by phone or email to answer questions. Thank you so much Kim!

Lori K.
Westfield, NJ

Kim walked into our multi dog home to help restore peace and put some positive actions in place. Our biggest challenge was our Mini Aussie, Bae. Kim worked with our entire family to ensure we were well prepared for the weeks of training ahead. She also educated us on how to manage our home safely.
She has helped with a variety of issues (not just puppy training), and is always available to give her most honest, professional opinion that is best for dog and family. Kim has also been back for much needed refresher training, and caters the appointments to the needs at hand.
Not only would I recommend Kim for the puppy years, I would suggest Kim’s training services for any dog at any age.
Thanks Kim, you’ve made a difference in our home!

Laurie R.
Union, NJ

Last year we were faced with finding another local trainer to recommend to our clients. Our Drs. take this seriously as our clients have high expectations when their trusted veterinarian recommends specialists or pet-related services. We want to be sure we are always recommending the best.
Kim met with our staff personally to educate us on her training philosophy and techniques, and we were impressed with her knowledge, experience and skill set. She even gave off the cuff advice to some of our staff about their own pets that proved to be very helpful. We have referred several clients to her and the feedback has all been positive. We are happy to have found Kim as a resource for our clients. Quality trainers can be hard to come by.

Livingston Animal Hospital

Taking my dog Luna to training classes with Kim was well worth the time. Because we learned so much from the puppy training class, I decided to sign Luna up for the Dog Walking Class. Both classes were informative and very hands on. This experience helped me continue to properly train my dog when we were not in class. I would definitely sign us up for another class with Kim. One more thing….these classes not only train the dog. You get trained on how to work with your dog to encourage good behavior.

Martha G.
Cranford, NJ

I have a 100 pound Great Pyrenees mix that I adopted as a puppy through a rescue group. I wanted to have him qualify as a therapy dog to visit nursing homes. Through Kim I have learned so much about how to train my dog to be calm and responsive to my directions. The progress he has made in a short period of time is really remarkable. He has changed from a dog who would occasionally do what I asked, to a dog that listens attentively, knows what is being asked of him and willingly complies! I am now able to be 20 feet away from him, and on command he will sit until I recall him! The training is done in a very positive manner and I can see he really likes it as he is always so pleased to see his trainer. An unexpected benefit is how close my dog and I have become having gone through the training and practices together. Thank you so much Kim!

Wendy T.
Summit, NJ

We contacted Kim to help set up some basic house training routines with our new puppy, and went to her class in Westfield. I’ve had dogs for years, but her advice was still super informative, practical and easy to follow – very common sense. We had her back when our dog was about a year old and engaging in some very annoying behaviors – Kim had us straightened out right away and Rex is doing great! Would highly recommend Kim’s services!

Ellen D.
Scotch Plains, NJ

Kim Mandel was “the trainer” recommended to me by my veterinarian. How lucky for me and my puppy to be provided with such a great start and all phases of basic obedience training…commands, crate training, leash walking, etc… and unconditional help with any problems or questions that might arise…..All done with love and a lot of patience.

Iris B.
Livingston, NJ

I have known Kim Mandel for 4 years now and have recommended her to many of my clients for dog training. She has proven to be professional, knowledgeable, and effective. I have received nothing but positive feedback about her. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.

Scott Linick DVM, FAVD

When my family brought our puppy home we were nervous about training her. Kim was incredible with our puppy and made training simple and fun. After just 6 sessions we had a very well trained puppy. More important, Kim left us with an understanding of how to train our puppy as things came up over time. Several weeks after our sessions ended, Kim checked in to make sure we were doing well. She also made me feel very comfortable when I called with training questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Kim to any family looking for a dog trainer.

Jayme Lipkin
Short Hills, NJ

Kim Mandel is extremely professional and wonderful to work with while she communicates her effective training techniques to both owners and their dogs. We highly recommend Kim to any dog owner whose pet exhibits behavioral problems and especially to prospective dog owners contemplating adding a new member to the family. Kim has made our home an even warmer place after working with our morkies Rocco and Woogie.

Al and Linda D.
Madison, NJ

Running a dog rescue as I do Kim has been such a great help to us with the foster dogs we bring in.  When families adopting from us ask for a trainer we are confident in giving them Kim’s contact information.

Kerry M.
Clark, NJ

Kim was recommended to us by a friend when we were looking for help with our 9 week old cockapoo. We are first-time dog owners & wanted to start things right by working with a trainer. Kim helped us immensely by teaching us tools to use as we worked on housebreaking & many other aspects of puppyhood! Kim is extremely professional, knowledgeable & communicative. We are so happy to have worked with Kim & to have her available as a resource in the future!

Sandra R
Cranford, NJ

Kim came to our rescue last month- we were experiencing some behavior issues with our 6 month old chocolate lab- Colby. Our vet recommended Kim and I am so relieved that she did! Colby was tearing up paper and anything she could- its seems she was having anxiety issues when we left her alone. Kim came to our home and helped us with some commands to help Colby and recommended we get a crate for when we leave her alone. I was reluctant to get a crate but when Colby tore up anything she could get her mouth and paws on in our laundry room- I knew it was time! The crate has worked wonders! Colby is more relaxed and she likes going in the crate as her “safe place” and she knows we give her the Kong toy as her toy to keep occupied with when we leave her. Kim accessed our situation and we plan on attending the park- dog walking/obedience classes soon.

Cheryl McD.
Scotch Plains, NJ

I have known Kim Mandel for many years. She helped me train my puppy five years ago. I highly recommend her.

Peter R. Brody, DVM
Murray Hill Veterinary Associates

We are so glad that we met Kim! She helped us understand our dog’s behavior and how we could improve it. Her observations were detailed and her training advice was exceptionally clear. She listened to our history, asked good questions and set achievable goals. Our experience was very worthwhile and we wholeheartedly recommend Kim.

Simone M.
Springfield, NJ

In just a few short sessions, Kim helped my dog Blu learn to walk on the leash. She gave me so many great tips on every day dog training and how to encourage positive dog behaviors. Thanks Kim!

Amy R.
Livingston, NJ

Kim’s advice is practical and easy to follow. We gave attended her group lessons and had individual in-home training and both formats were helpful. As a first time dog owner, I had lot of questions and Kim was (and continues to be) a great resource.

Katherine G.
Westfield, NJ

I had just retired and brought home an 8 week old Labradoodle – I was put in contact with Kim and had a session with her at home to be sure I had a good plan in place for starting off. She was very helpful with recommendations about feeding, crating and developing a specific “potty” are in the yard.

I also signed up for her puppy class and brought my grandson with me so he could become familiar with training procedures. I really liked the off leash socialization – Adeline was much larger than the other puppies in the class but Kim was great at allowing her some freedom and restraining her in when she started going over the top.

The basic commands – come, sit, down, watch, wait and leash walking were taught in a consistent manner – with any questions about a puppy’s response or lack of response addressed so I could modify my techniques for better results – training the owner! After the class ended I found my grandson practicing some of the commands on his own – and I thought he wasn’t listening during class.

As Adeline has progressed towards adolescence – like any kid, she thought she knew better and started going her own way. Kim was there with insights into what I thought was a make or break relationship with her. Thank goodness – we are now back on the correct path!

I would highly recommend attending Kim’s puppy class – very patient supportive and knowledgeable about puppy development.

Linda D.
Plainfield, NJ

We cannot thank Kim enough for all she taught us and our dog. As we welcomed our first child into our home, we knew we had to ensure our dog was properly trained and prepared. Kim was kind, patient and understanding at every point, and made incredible strides with our pup. She gave us the tools to use so that we now feel much more comfortable and confident going forward. We couldn’t recommend Kim more!

Allie and Matt L.
Summit, NJ

We used Kim for a few things with our young adult cockapoo – walking on a leash, fear of car rides, recall and other ‘next level’ behaviors. Kim has been great to work with as she uses only positive reinforcement, and the goal is to remove anxiety and fear. She’s patient, calm, knowledgeable and kind. She’s interested in long-term behavior change, which takes time, so we are still on the journey but have a lot of confidence in Kim’s ability to get us there. Plus, my dog is SO happy to see her when she comes to meet us!

Deanna S.
Summit, NJ

We found Kim after doing extensive research online for a local, well reviewed, and professional dog trainer. After a conversation with Kim, it was clear she had the experience and passion to help us train our 2-year-old Cavapoo. We had Kim spend a total of 6 hours over 6 weekly sessions that were predominantly focused on helping our dog calm down, stop being so actively patrolling our property, and ultimately limit his barking. We had a great experience working and learning from Kim through a variety of training exercises and have made exciting progress in helping control his anxiety and barking. We now feel prepared to understand what to do and how to interact with our dog. Thank you, Kim, for all your help!

Remy and Daniel S.
Westfield, NJ

We started working with Kim as soon as we brought our 3-month-old puppy home, and she has been a true partner in our training process. As first-time dog owners, she really helped us understand the motivations and psychology behind a dog’s behaviors, and how that informs the way that we train and interact with them. She taught us many strategies for encouraging the default behaviors we want our puppy to exhibit, in ways that are manageable and approachable. Her methods intuitively make sense, so it’s easy to extend them in different ways. The idea of training a dog can be overwhelming, but Kim’s approach showed us how the training could easily become a part of the daily routine and made us confident in our ability to do it. Kim is so responsive and resourceful – in between training sessions, she always reaches out to check in and responds carefully and thoughtfully to all questions, complaints, or observations. During particularly challenging weeks for us with our pup developmentally, she was part trainer and part family therapist. She made herself available for phone, text and in-person sessions to help us work through our issues and to reassure us that we were doing the right things. Our sessions with Kim helped establish a strong foundation for a pup that can live harmoniously with our family, and we’re able to reinforce and build upon it daily using the commands and dog psychology she taught us.

Ryan J.
Summit, NJ

Our dog Maggie was a two-year-old rescue when we got her and was still extremely excitable. Kim helped us understand how to connect with Maggie and elicit behavior based on positive reinforcement. Working with Kim was a great combination of knowledge bombs (chatting in our kitchen or driveway) with practical work with Maggie in the backyard and around the neighborhood. I would highly recommend Kim for your dog training needs! Thank you so much for all your help!

Sanjeevanee and Ranjeet V.
Cranford, NJ

Kimberly’s been amazing with Penny. The biggest thing that sticks out to me is she meets us where our dog is training wise. Penny is a great dog but she’s got her flaws – she jumps on people, she gets too excited, she’s an unrepentant counter surfer and stealer of toddler snacks. But what we hired Kimberly for wasn’t any of that but Penny’s fear based leash aggression on walks. When Kimberly saw the jumping she didn’t jump in and criticize us or Penny for her lack of manners but rather stuck to the thing we hired her to help us fix. I just really appreciate not being criticized on a thing I know is rude behavior on Penny’s part and instead can focus on the actual problematic behavior we want to fix. She has slid into conversation little tidbits and hints and tips to help with the jumping should we decide to fix that too in a way that doesn’t feel like a criticism. I guess I just really appreciate that Kimberly doesn’t jump in and try and fix all of Penny’s behavioral tics and instead just focuses on the thing we hired her for.

For the actual training, her plans are awesome. Kimberly meets us at a place Penny’d typically be walked at – a park or our neighborhood which I much prefer to going to some trainer’s facility. She gives us homework to work on during the week and she checks in with us via text during the week too. She’ll often bring up points I made in a text to then go over in person – some bit of training that isn’t sticking or some event on a walk that happened. I get the sense she’s truly invested in helping Penny not be so fearful because she loves dogs. We finished our 6 week block and immediately signed on for another 6. I’m super happy with the progress Penny’s making and can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks hold for us.

Also, side note, its been my experience that people who are SUPER INTO DOGS are then not really big kid-people. we have a 2 yo son and there’s been a few times we’ve had to take him with us to training sessions because his daycare was closed. Rather than treating him like a distraction she welcomed him along happily stating this was great – this would be close to what Penny would be doing anyway with the whole family walking together. I really appreciate how warm and accommodating Kimberly is with our hectic new-parents lifestyle.

Jill F.
Summit, NJ

We met Kim a few years ago when we needed a dog trainer for our first dog, who was anxious and at times would become reactive. Kim worked with us diligently and patiently helped our dog. Our dog lived a happy life for 12 years and sadly passed last year. This past summer we adopted 2 young dogs, and I knew we needed to begin training quickly to both bond with them and to avoid any minor issues from turning into bigger ones. I reached out to Kim again and was happy to hear that she was still training and she remembered us and our first dog! Our new dogs love Kim (and her special treat mix!) We worked on basic commands, potty training and we also did some work outdoors at the local parks. Kim is an expert in her field. She knows a lot about why dogs act the way they do, and how to help them coexist with their humans. Kim is professional, kind, and has a gentle and loving demeanor with the dogs (and humans too!). She always has good advice and suggestions, and we consider her part of our dogs’ care team! Thank you, Kim! We love you!

Diane and Nick P.
Scotch Plains, NJ

Kim was a great partner helping me to better understand the mind and motivations of my Mini Schnauzer puppy, Oliver. I appreciate her approach, which is focused on the individual goals and capabilities of each dog and each owner. Kim helped me to more effectively communicate with my dog and to continue to work my way toward a rewarding lifelong relationship with my energetic little guy. I heartily recommend her!

Adele D.
Westfield, NJ

Kim is extremely dedicated and experienced. She gave us amazing techniques and advice on how to help keep our 3-year-old Havanese calmer when the doorbell rings. He’s a very nervous/anxious pup around strangers and doesn’t love them coming into our home. With the proper management, Kim has helped us work through it. We’ve definitely seen progress keeping Henry in a neutral state and decreasing his time over threshold, with triggers. We’re excited about the results so far and look forward to continuing the work!

Danielle K.
Livingston, NJ

Wow! Working with Kim has been an absolute game-changer for us and Barkley! Not only did she demonstrate incredible expertise in transforming Barkley into a qualified therapy dog, but her treasure trove of invaluable advice truly set her apart. Every session with Kim was brimming with positivity and joy, making the training experience a sheer delight. If you’re on the lookout for a trainer, look no further! I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Kim. Your four-legged friend will thank you!

Elissa M.
South Orange, NJ

Kim’s approach to dog training is caring, calm, and controlled. It’s amazing how our newly rescued dog, Libby, listened to her so easily when she first met her – and this was after weeks of us trying to get Libby under control. The 1:1 sessions were perfect in our situation because we had to manage heartworm treatment and nip behavioral issues before they got worse. Kim was so helpful before we even signed our contract, giving us tips to help us prior to getting started. She worked with our schedule and checked in with us between sessions. The results were instant in our experience and Libby is responding more and more to the commands with ease. She’s made a huge difference in Libby’s behavior, and we’ve learned so much about dogs in general. We highly recommend Kim!

Jessica S.
Whippany, NJ

I can’t thank Kimberly enough for how she helped me train my Oliver. Kimberly is nice, gentle, has a lot of patience, is professional and full of knowledge. Thanks to Kimberly, Oliver is fully potty-trained outdoors. He knows the cues that she taught me to get him to do the things I need him to do. What I loved about Kimberly is that she always followed up after the training session and was always willing to answer my questions and concerns. Even to this day she checks in, and our sessions ended almost two months ago. If you have a puppy, I can’t recommend enough getting them trained and working with Kimberly, she is the best!

Priti M.

Kim is a wonderful dog trainer!! She was very knowledgeable and helped give our entire family tips and strategies to improve our puppy’s behaviors. Kim not only provides ways to train in commands and distinguish undesirable puppy behaviors, but she is very good at explaining the behavior behind certain things our dogs do. She helps you realize and understand how your puppy may be perceiving certain things we do and say. I think Kim is an excellent resource and helped our family train our first puppy. I would highly recommend her services!

Karen I.
Summit, NJ

We really enjoyed working with Kim on training our Bernedoodle puppy. Kim brought calm into our home and her thoughtful approach in understanding the psychology of our dog was most helpful. I highly recommend her services to new puppies or mature dogs who could use a refresher!

Stephanie S.
Summit, NJ

Mila and Otto, our two French Bulldogs, have been through more in their first year of life than we can imagine. Displaced from their home in Ukraine, they were transported to the border in order to escape war, spent days waiting at the border to cross, and ultimately made their long journey from Poland to JFK airport and then to our home. With that storied background, they came to us as four-month-old puppies with all the more spunk, sass, anxieties, and curiosity compared to our other puppies, and they encouraged each other in their adorable rebellions. We were in love, but with not just one, but two feisty puppies to raise while juggling challenging work schedules, we were overwhelmed. Kim helped bring peace to that chaos. We contacted her to help train them with basic commands, prevent them from bursting out any open door, and encourage them to stay close by while in the yard. Our previous French Bulldogs’ stubborn nature made us apprehensive to the breed’s ability to learn and follow certain orders. Kim gave us tremendous hope when she trained them to sit the first class, to lay down the next, and to look up to us to check in during walks. Kim has since trained them to eat beside one another, to enjoy going into their playpen to sleep, and to wait patiently for us when we leave the room. Kim also trained us on how to read their behavior, divert their attention, foster an. environment where they are at ease, and approach training in achievable steps. She caters her positive reinforcement training to the personality of individual dogs and to the lifestyles of their guardians. We are so grateful for the joy she’s brought to our family by making the time spent with our dogs so much more fulfilling and happy.

Bill S. and Jake W. Mila and Otto
South Orange, NJ

Becoming parents to a new Corgi puppy, we knew right away we wanted to set him up for success. We sought out Kim as she came highly recommended, and just with the first few introductory conversations, we knew she would be the best trainer for us and our pup. She went above and beyond by providing us with helpful resources and communicating with us every step of the way. Her patience, gentleness, and kindness made our Corgi pup naturally gravitate to her. She handled him beautifully and helped us feel more confident about being able to do the exact same on our own. We are very appreciative of the time and effort she gives to each of her clients. Kim’s dedication to helping you and your pet build a stronger bond is unmatched!

Marlene P.
Cranford, NJ

My dog listens to me. When I get his eye contact, he is reliable when I ask him to sit, lie down, and come. His guarding behaviors happen less. I learned positive reinforcement works better than yelling, “No! Get off the couch!” I can call Hershey away. I learned to reward him for good behavior, and it works so much better. The food is a reinforcement and not a lure. I am fading the food now, and he continues to listen to me.

Michele S.
Livingston, NJ

Kim is the best! Her guidance and knowledge were invaluable in training our puppy. From house training to leash walking to counter surfing, Kim taught us effective ways to address any and all questions that we had (and it was a lot as first-time dog owners!). Kim was great about checking in on us between sessions, so we could correct during practice and not just when we met with her. Months later I can confidently say the lessons have stuck and our pup continues to get praise for her good behavior.

Amy P.
Scotch Plains, NJ

I’m a new dog owner, and I wanted to get it right from the start. Teach my kids how to be with Rosie and have a great experience. I cannot thank Kim enough for all she taught me and Rosie. Thank you for sharing all of your doggy knowledge, giving me confidence and reassuring me that I can do this job of being a dog owner! Having Rosie join our family is a dream come true and you really helped make this possible. My husband did not grow up with a dog and was not entirely on board with adding a dog to our lives, but his heart is growing “like The Grinch”. Thank you a million times from the bottom of my heart.

Annie B. and Rosie
Watchung, NJ

I called Kim at my son’s request to help my two Beagles calmly accept the presence of his Golden Retriever puppy. My dogs resource guarded space and displayed aggressive behaviors towards the puppy. I hired Kim because her approach made sense to me. It felt like she taught me actionable behavior change steps to take, and I knew what to do. After working through a 6-hour package, we are on a path where the dogs are more responsive. I can call them away from triggers, and it’s much easier for me to prevent them from going over thresholds.

Amy R.
Berkeley Heights, NJ

With early training, Franklin comes to us when we call him. He is comfortable around us and our routine and we learned techniques to calm him down. Compared to previous dogs we had, in home training has been much more effective in helping us teach him foundation cues. He learned them quickly. Franklin learns fast when we give him a job, working for his food. We didn’t understand how to use food reinforcement properly in training until we learned this with Kim training Franklin. He follows our obedience cues. Crate training has also worked well and is a great management tool for our puppy.

Matt S.
Summit, NJ

Kim Mandel was a truly exceptional, patient, and wonderful pet trainer and pet-owner educator. Her quiet, calm demeanor belied her easy command of every situation, and Kim quickly reassessed situations and adjusted our approach as the day’s circumstances dictated.

Although our intention was to train us and our new 3-month-old mastiff, she worked with us, our puppy and our 3-year-old French bulldog at every visit to the benefit of all of us. We have had many mastiffs, bulldogs and other breeds over the decades and have learned from many trainers. Kim’s approach is the most effective and easiest for both us and our puppies.

Kim Mandel has our highest regard and highest recommendation. Thank you so very much, Kim.

Paul and Elizabeth Y.
Westfield, NJ

When our Golden Retriever puppy, Nashville, arrived this past summer, we knew it would be a different experience than what we’ve been used to with our senior Shi-Poo. Owning a dog comes with tremendous responsibility & one of our first priorities was to train our little pup to be well-behaved, especially as he grew into a big dog. Kimberly Mandel came highly recommended to us from a friend & we couldn’t be happier with the training and guidance she’s provided! Right from the beginning, Kimberly worked with our puppy, first teaching us how to get his attention & keep him engaged, then teaching him all the basics such as sit & wait, how to walk correctly on leash, relaxing, coming when called & how to manage interactions between him, other dogs & our older dog. Her expertise also included training US on how to handle & continue to train Nash in a calm & consistent manner. We receive many compliments on what a well-trained puppy we have & we give all the credit to Kimberly’s thorough understanding of canine psychology & temperament and her ability to clearly communicate to we humans how to better understand & work with it. Training isn’t something you do for 10 minutes. It’s a continuous communication with your dog to shape his character by acknowledging & rewarding the desired behavior. We especially appreciate that Kimberly teaches positive—never fear based or punishing—training. Kimberly Mandel is an investment in raising a solid, well-mannered pup. Her knowledge, support & calm demeanor is invaluable. We highly recommend her positive reinforcement training technique & will be forever grateful for her support, guidance & encouragement.

Judy & Christina M.
Scotch Plains, NJ

It was such a pleasure to work with Kim. She understood what I was looking for and had some great strategies. I was afraid Pebbles’ excessive barking and her craziness would not be corrected, but after working with Kim, I’m amazed at all the knowledge and tools we could use to redirect her behavior. I’m so glad I have found such a great trainer! Thank you, Kim, for giving me hope and resources to set Pebbles up for success.

Chialin S.
Chatham, NJ

Professional & Personal – Asher and I loved Kim! She was just what Asher and I needed. With an exuberant and easily-distracted mini Schnauzer, I knew Asher needed something other than group dog training. As for me, I needed to learn how to work with my dog. Using positive reinforcement, Kim did an amazing job with us. Her love and respect for dogs and her expert knowledge from years of training dogs, helped me as an owner/handler understand the breed and my unique dog while laying the foundational groundwork for Asher to become a well-behaved lifelong companion. In her kind, calm way, Kim made sessions fun and extremely informative. I also liked how she would text during the week to check progress, answer questions and make suggestions. I will continue to work with Kim to bring out the best in Asher.

Cranford, NJ

I reached out to Kim when I brought home my 8-week-old puppy, Bowie. I am living with a dog for the first time and was initially overwhelmed with all of the puppy challenges – house-training, nipping, over-arousal, alone-time stress, etc. Kim has practical and actionable guidance for all of it, explained with precision and understanding and rooted in her keen observations of both Bowie and me. Our daily life together is immeasurably better because of so many things that she’s taught us during our sessions: that we can ‘change the subject’ when Bowie picks up something interesting on our walks; that he may get a kick out of romaine lettuce; that exuberant puppies can be encouraged to chill with simple and calm reinforcement (revelatory for this novice to see in action during our first meeting). As a bonus, it is fascinating to discuss all things dog with her! Both Bowie and I are so lucky to have found Kim. We highly recommend working with her.

Mamata C.
Scotch Plains, NJ

Kim was recommended by my veterinarian due to getting a new puppy. Bentley, my Bichon Frise, didn’t like going outside to do his business. Besides that, he is very wild and nips and jumps and is very excitable. Meeting Kim and working beside her has been a pleasure and a wonderful experience. Kim is kind, caring and listens to the situation about your puppy. With her knowledge and expertise in training dogs, she cares about Bentley’s feelings and my feelings and teaches you to respect one another’s boundaries. Kim’s calm and patience with Bentley has been a great experience. Bentley goes out and loves it and doesn’t want to come in. Bentley has other issues. He hasn’t overcome all the problems, but Kim has taught me what to do and not to do. This is a work in progress, and we are going in the right direction. I would highly recommend Kim with your dog’s needs.

Randi G.
Livingston, NJ

It was a wonderful opportunity to get to work with Kim! She was kind, caring, patient (!), and super knowledgeable. Before working with Kim, my husband and I were really struggling to understand and train, what felt like our very stubborn, 10-month-old Newfoundland puppy. With the help of Kim, we have to come learn that our gigantic puppy is an adolescent who has actually been trying to communicate his needs/wants to us through his more difficult behaviors. Kim not only helped us to better understand our pup and to prepare Moose for the upcoming arrival of his human sibling, but also provided emotional support as we navigated the frustrations of training a large and quite intentional dog. I would recommend Kim to anyone who needs assistance with training their dogs- she is full of information and even checks in on you and your dog’s progress between sessions! Thanks, Kim for all your help!

Fayth R.
Garwood, NJ

Kimberly is a very calming presence. She gives you and the dog tools and time to grow. My one year old dog went from barking for a full hour to tail wagging in one session. He is now a better and more attentive dog and I have the tools to help him be his best self. Kim was very easy to work with and always listened to your concerns. I was able to text her with questions and always got completely thought through responses to help me and my dog. Recommend Kim to anyone with a furry friend! Thank you, Kim!

Amanda F.
Springfield, NJ

Kimberly is an incredible trainer. Our family welcomed our Maltipoo puppy, Bruno and were in need of help. We’ve had older dogs but never a puppy. Kimberly helped us with potty training, crate training, setting up a routine especially in the morning and walking Bruno on a leash. Kimberly not only worked with Bruno and I, she included my daughters (7 & 10) and my husband. Kimberly brought in toys, treats and her expertise to help train Bruno. She also made suggestions on what items to buy. Kimberly checked in regularly, offered support and advice in between training sessions. Bruno is an even better puppy thanks to Kimberly. I highly recommend Kimberly to anyone looking for training for a new puppy or dog. She is fantastic!

Emily J.
Watchung, NJ

Kim gave us the tools and guidance we needed to work more effectively with our dog. It was so helpful to have her assess our particular situation and provide strategies we’ll use going forward that take our lives – and our dog’s disposition – into consideration. We are making great progress!

Marcy T.
Maplewood, NJ

Kim was the third trainer we tried for our sweet Cavapoo and definitely the best! We were primarily struggling with leash walking, greeting guests upon arrival, and boredom in the house. Dog training is as much about training the dog as it is about training the owner! I found Kim’s lessons to be extremely helpful and practical and appreciated her between training session check-ins over text to make sure I was practicing the skills! Her flexibility to meet both at the home or at another location was appreciated as well. Two sessions we spent in downtown Summit practicing walking past many pedestrians and calmly sitting next to me while I enjoyed sitting on a bench! Kim really helped me understand the mind of a dog and to appreciate how much owner consistency is a key factor in successfully training a dog. I highly recommend Kim as her love for and knowledge of dogs is impressive as is her professionalism, punctuality, and follow up. It was love at first meet for our dog and we are grateful for the time we spent with her and the skills she helped us learn to have a better trained dog.

Suzanne H.
New Providence, NJ

Kim Mandel is an exceptional dog trainer. She was instrumental in helping us with our 11 week-old mini Doodle. From always promptly arriving at our home for our sessions, she helped guide everyone in our family to better understand our puppy and her needs so that we were better equipped to set up our dog for success. She doesn’t just train the dog, she trains the family in the best way to train the dog, therefore helping to achieve the optimum owner-dog relationship. She is a wealth of information and provided us with a comprehensive list of items that dogs prefer and happily and patiently addressed all our questions. We highly recommend Kimberly Mandel.

Reena and Kranti P. and Family
Madison, NJ

It has been wonderful to work with Kim! She is truly an expert, and is above and beyond patient, warm, and kind. Kim’s professionalism is not only evident during training sessions, but also in her consistent follow-up and advice given between sessions. We have learned a great deal, and our dog is making significant progress towards our goals. I look forward to continuing our work together!

Carrie B.
Summit, NJ

I had such a positive experience with Kim and would recommend her to anyone seeking a trainer. She’s extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind and so thorough! Hands down, the best trainer I’ve worked with.

Cecile C.
Scotch Plains, NJ

I contacted Kim for help with our 2 year old Cavalier, Max. We were desperate. Max had begun marking in the house and it had escalated to the point where he was marking inside multiple times a day. It was making the whole family stressed and miserable, and it was ruining our relationship with Max. I had tried to google my way out of the problem, but I just got more confused with conflicting information. Nothing I tried seemed to help. The one helpful thing I did find on google was Kim! Our first meeting with Kim put us at ease. Kim listened to our problems and put together a behavior/training program that worked for our lives and Max’s specific issues and quirks. Over our sessions she helped us implement and tweak the program as we progressed. Her suggestions worked and we are now enjoying Max and our pee free home! Plus, I learned so much about dog behavior and training from Kim. She is a thoughtful, expert teacher and is absolutely wonderful to work with. If your pup is making you crazy, I highly recommend Kim to help solve your dog problems!

Avtar S.
Cranford, NJ

Kim was the Dog expert we needed to help transition our kids to a home with a puppy. Kim helped us not only train our dog but also teach our kids on how to interact with a new dog. She was very attentive and engaging with our 7 and 4yr old. The results have been fantastic. We highly recommend Kim especially if you have a family and are new to dogs.

Marlene and Jim M.
Cranford, NJ

Wonderful to work with Kim on training ideas for my easily-distracted adolescent pup! She had many good ideas on practical exercises to improve my dog’s ability to remain calm and focused. Kim believes in meeting a dog (and owner) where they are, and she is a warm and reassuring presence. I also appreciated that she was easy to communicate with and flexible in scheduling. I look forward to working with her again down the road.

James C.
Summit, NJ

It was a pleasure to work with Kim. My dog, Violet, is a rescued 1 year old pitbull/beagle mix and we were pretty desperate for some help. Kim gave us a number of tools to get Violet under control, pay more attention to us, and keep her from becoming bored. I always appreciate how Kim checks in with us to see how Violet is doing. Definitely recommend Kim for training.

Josh B.
Westfield, NJ

I loved working with Kim. She was extremely knowledgeable and patient with my rescue! She provided many tips on dealing with behavior issues and checked in throughout the week on our progress. I’m very grateful for Kim’s services. I highly recommend her!

Nikki D.
Cranford, NJ

Kim was very helpful with our adolescent dog. She was extremely patient with him, considering his low threshold for excitement and often lack of attention. We came to learn that behavioral change does not happen overnight! Consistency is the key!

Leash walking was a big issue with us before Kim. Although we’re not out of the woods yet, our dog is considerably better every time we go out for a walk. Sit, stay command has also gotten a lot better. Kim’s understanding of the different ways a dog could get distracted from his “stay”, helped us navigate how to put him in better positions to be successful and keep his attention longer.

We also learned to be prepared for when guests come over. Our dog gets very excited and wants to play, jump, and bark when guests are over. Kim helped us develop a plan to ease this and he has been getting better every time. It’s also important to tell guests that we are training, which helps limit their interaction until our dog has calmed down.

We recommend giving Kim a call for any dog training needs. She is super reliable and communicative. She has even stayed in touch after our sessions were complete.

Alex K.
Cranford, NJ

I loved working with Kimberly. She is very patient, very knowledgeable and always listens for questions and suggests solutions. She suggested new places where she thinks we will take advantage of the environment. I will call her again since I am always looking for guidance.

Maria D.
Livingston, NJ

My dog Coco has a big personality! She is a 1 1/2 yr old goldendoodle and loved to bark at dogs while she walked on a leash. She wanted to play. The added challenge? Coco has an older sister, Snickers, also a goldendoodle, who she walks with. Once Coco started barking, Snickers became riled up and the two of them got over-excited. Kim came to the rescue. After a few weeks of lessons, Kim taught me the skills to redirect Coco’s attention to focus on me during our walks. Now when a dog walks by, Coco may notice the dog, but stays focused on me. And Snickers certainly enjoys the extra treats, so she follows along without any issue! I am now much more in control of my dogs and no longer feel stressed when we see other dogs. I don’t need to figure out an escape route! Kim is patient and clear and really understands dog and owner behavior!

Karen C.
Westfield, NJ

Kim worked with us to train our adolescent Westie – Maybelle – over six training sessions, and we could not be more satisfied with the results and change we see in our pup. We learned a great deal about general dog handling and behavior through the training process – what works, what does not, how to deliver a correction, and what one can expect from a dog. She made sure we understood how to direct particular commands, demonstrated how to give them, and then had us repeat them ourselves. Kim is a true professional, very patient and caring, with a ton of dog training experience. Maybelle genuinely loved training with Kim and was super excited each time she got to train with Kim. We highly recommend Kim as a dog trainer and will hire her again if we need a training refresher.

Martina and Douglas T
West Orange, NJ

Kimberly Mandel is a wonderful and patient dog trainer. With her help, our dog’s relationship with our children greatly improved, his barking at dogs (or anyone else) outside our house was reduced, and he pulls on his leash so much less while walking. We now have the tools to continuously work on things and I am certain our family’s relationship with the dog will just get better and better. We highly recommend Kimberly if you need any assistance with your dog!

Josh L.
Scotch Plains, NJ

We LOVED working with Kim! She created a personalized training plan for our recently adopted, recently recovered (from heart worm) energetic mutt, Tina. Tina would pull extremely hard on walks and was scared and leash reactive to other dogs. Through Kim’s training, our Tina is walking next to us (with some slack on the leash!) and is working on not barking when she sees other dogs now that she knows what to expect on our walks. She’s also turned a corner on listening to our commands outside (and just listening to us more in general). We are so grateful for Kim’s training and patience working with an adult shelter dog – and her two humans!

Katie P.
Westfield, NJ

I can’t say enough good things about Kim and her approach to training. So thoughtful. Takes time to understand the individual dog, their personality, what motivates them. We have a very shy international rescue Shepherd mix. He came with a lot of “baggage.” During each session she was very careful to meet him at his level. Slowly but surely he is turning into a more confident, happy dog. What a delight to see him wagging his tail, running in our yard and joining us on the couch. All things he only accomplished with Kim’s training. We will continue to use the techniques she taught us and know our guy will grow even more confident and happy every day.

Liz, Gary, and Vickie F.
Westfield, NJ

A session with Kim should come with every new dog owner! Kim is so kind and knowledgeable when it comes to dog training. There is a lot of information to be learned that pertains to understanding your dog’s needs/how to proactively put your dog’s needs first that can change the entire course of your relationship with your dog. My husband and I found Kim by way of a lot of local recommendations as our little dog can be aggressive toward other humans. And since there is no such thing as snapping your fingers and immediately changing your dog’s behavior, thanks to Kim’s knowledge, patience and consistency, we now have the tools to manage our dog when guests come to the house. She’s even fallen asleep with 3 of our neighbors over! Even though you’re investing in your dog, you’re really investing in yourself too. We have learned so much about what keeps our dog happy and comfortable and we’ve seen so much progress. Thank you, Kim!

Brittany and Tyler B.
Cranford, NJ

Kim was a fantastic trainer and we were very happy with all of her training sessions. She has a very positive, patient and understanding way with her and does a great job turning our questions and needs into actionable habits with our pup. She checks in frequently and has been a wonderful support system for raising our dog. I’d highly recommend her to anyone in need of training and hoping to be led through the process carefully and kindly.

Eli H.
Short Hills, NJ

First of all I want to thank Kim for her amazing talent (the dog whisperer) for her professionalism and training both of my puppies. Kim helped me understand how my puppies’ minds worked so it was much easier to get them to understand what I needed them to do. Training both was much easier when you have someone who knows what they are doing with great passion. THANK YOU, KIM, FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP.

Shea & Sadie D.
Westfield, NJ

Kim was a great help to us and our dog Yogi! She gave us the tools and techniques to help him with his leash-skills, excitability, and certain commands such as “Come” and “Lie down”. Kim was a pleasure to work with. While staying the course and doing the work to train Yogi could feel daunting at times, she was always there with positive encouragement for us too. Best of all, Yogi really enjoyed his training and was always delighted to see Kim!

Amy A.
Cranford, NJ

Kim is amazing! She really worked with my family to help us train our dog. She always asked us what we wanted to focus on and made sure we were understanding her tips she supplies us. Kim gave us all the tools to become good pet parents that continue past our sessions. I completely recommend her for every new puppy or pet owner. Absolutely loved every session!

Kelly P.
Scotch Plains, NJ

Kim was fantastic and very easy to work with! I have a high anxiety dog and she was able to identify the training methods that would work best to help alleviate some of his anxiousness. She is always available for questions and keeps in touch in between sessions to check in on you and your pup’s progress. I would highly recommend working with Kim.

Karen F.
Fanwood, NJ

I’d like to start by saying that I had no intention of hiring a dog trainer. I am pretty good with dogs and I figured I didn’t need one. My sister, who had recently gotten a puppy, recommended that I find a good trainer. I was reluctant at first, but then I convinced myself that I SHOULD get a trainer – not to help ME – but to guide the rest of my family in the ways of the canines. I looked at Kim’s website, read the reviews, read the articles, and gave her a call. During the first conversation I thought, “Well, this pretty great. She sounds totally amazing as well as calm and confident…cool, she seems like a perfect fit for us…” She sent me some good info about toys and equipment and getting ready to welcome the pup. We got Phoebe (7-week-old golden retriever) and had her for about a week before Kim’s first session with us. Well… I started counting down the days for this session. It’s not that Phoebe was so difficult or that we couldn’t handle her—it was that this puppy was basically bigger than life and I wanted to get it right…and I was thinking that maybe I was NOT going to get this right and a little support was definitely needed. So… what Kim offered was… beyond. She clarified how to help us train Phoebe with positive reinforcement and demonstrating what that looks like. She guided us through the insane puppy biting drama, how to walk on a leash, how to leave the rabbits alone, how to not climb on the dishwasher, how to settle down for a nap, how to greet someone at the door without jumping, how to stop “counter cruising”, how to relate to the cats, how to “leave it” (if you don’t already know, dogs like to eat all the stuff they see – ALL the stuff)…basically everything regarding dog life. As a family, we are not into reaching the goals by saying, “NO!!” or punishing (ever) and Kim was the key to reaching that goal—especially when I was looking at this energetic puppy thinking, “I’m ready to yell at you and lock you in that crate right now…” But I never had to go there—because Kim was able to finesse and fine-tune our reactions and interactions with Phoebe so that we could maintain a very loving and positive experience. Ultimately, Kim’s methods are very common sense so it was easy to follow through with every technique. When she explained how to carry out a specific training, it was step-by-step with an explanation regarding the rationale behind the training. This made the whole process less daunting and what she said kind of morphed our psyches. I really could go on and on. We had 6 sessions with Kim and EVERY session was worth it. Each time we would be reinforcing what we had already learned and adding to it. In between, Kim would check in and see how we were doing with the new stuff—and troubleshoot if we were having issues. We have such a great foundation now with Phoebe and everyone in our house is on board and able to relate to the doggo without problems. I am so happy to have met Kim and learned from her. She’s a superstar. On a scale of one to ten, Kim’s an eleven.

Lara W.
Westfield, NJ

Kim was invaluable in helping us and our puppy adjust to life together. She is beyond knowledgeable, patient and accessible. She applies a positive approach to training, and we have had wonderful results. Kim has a true understanding of what motivates dogs! An absolute pleasure to work with and we would recommend her to anyone getting a puppy or anyone needing help modifying their dog’s behavior.

Sloan K.
Livingston, NJ

When rescuing our 3-month-old puppy, Bayley, my family was at a loss for where to begin with training. Fortunately, we stumbled upon Kimberly Mandel and immediately reached out to her for guidance. From the first day of training, she was a pleasure to work with. She provided us with various resources and was so caring with Bayley. Kimberly reached out weekly to check-in and see how we were carrying over the exercises from 1 on 1 training and if they were effective. She was always available to answer any questions we had. We worked on every day commands such as (sit, wait, lay down, come, leave it, drop it, leash training, etc.) Kimberly also provided us with ways to help calm down Bayley when she was overstimulated or not listening (docile). This has become one of our favorite tricks that help us in unpredictable situations. Bayley has become a great addition to our family and we feel well-prepared in moving forward with a behaved and happy pup! Thanks, Kimberly for all your help!

Dominique I.
New Providence, NJ

Kim was absolutely fantastic and we are very satisfied and grateful for her service. We have a 5-month old black lab/hound who had major challenges with her behavior. Our 2 year-old son was routinely jumped on, playfully bitten, etc. and we were extremely concerned.

Fast forward two months and there has not been one incident with our son and the dog. Kim taught us techniques to deescalate and calm our dog down. We learned so much in the process and our home is a much calmer place thanks to Kim!

I would highly recommend Kim to anyone looking to not only train their dog but learn how to bond more closely with them. Thank you for everything Kim!

Denis B.
Cranford, NJ

Kim has trained our 4-month-old pup. She really understands dogs, in a way that helped us to know why our dog behaves the way he does, so instead of being frustrated about his behavior, we understand it. That understanding has allowed us to develop a great deal of patience in training him, and as a result, he is learning really quickly. In addition to being a fabulous dog trainer, Kim is a delightful person. She is patient and non-judgmental. Kim is everything you could want in a dog trainer. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Janet D.
Livingston, NJ

Kim was superb. I really did not think it was possible for my Corgi, Mick, to ever change his aggression at the door. Now, it is as easy as a one-word recall and he is running straight for me! Kim was able to read Mick’s signs immediately from the second she came to the door. The crafting of her lessons was specifically for Mick, given his aggression stemmed from his need to feel like he was protecting myself and family in our home. Kim was endlessly patient and worked with me at every step to ensure training was effective and efficient. Concepts that I struggled with in the past were explained and demonstrated in a manner that made it so easy for me as Mick’s handler to understand. New concepts too were of course just as well articulated. I never thought in a million years I could get through to Mick and interrupt his pathway to my front door when the doorbell rings or the mail comes. Thanks to Kim, Mick is by my side waiting for his next move. Thanks Kim, you rock!

Dan S.
Livingston, NJ

I found Kimberly Mandel outstanding when I needed help with training my dog. I have always been a dog owner who raised my pets from puppies using a dominant approach. However, when I rescued a 2-year-old Pitbull mix, “Winnie” I needed to readjust my training habits. I had no background information on what she had endured but I knew a gentler approach would be needed. Kimberly’s positive behavior approach helped me recognize the cues Winnie was given and how “I needed to adjust my training style without scaring or frightening her.” Under Kimberly’s tutorage, Winnie and I made remarkable strides. I was reminded that I needed to be patient and consistent and my dog would respond to gentleness and kindness. I was also given ways to keep my dog stimulated with the use of various toys. Some toys were fun for both of us and other toys kept her busy and stimulated when I could not give her my full attention. Kimberly eagerly answered all my questions and came up with strategies to help me deal with behavior concerns that my dog exhibited. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is having training or behavior problems with their dog.

Kathleen P.
Colonia, NJ

Kim’s help was a game changer for our life with our new (first ever) puppy! Her knowledge helped us shape some positive behaviors from the get-go, and when our lives became too busy with work and 4 kids to do the training on our own, she stepped in and did the training for us at home while we worked. This was priceless. She taught us at the end of each session how to continue the training exercises, and as a result, we have a well behaved and very pleasant 1 year old. She was also a great resource afterwards when some new “teenager” type behaviors popped up, and we needed advice on how to nip these behaviors immediately. Should we get another puppy again (which is highly likely, partially because of her training), we will be reaching out to Kim immediately.

Sheila C.
Summit, NJ

One word…Terrier. Almost perfect puppy… but as he got older, not so much. We contacted Kim to make an appointment but for Kim, it wasn’t just about engaging her services. I was very impressed with the in-depth analytical questions she asked about our dog’s personality and behaviors. Just speaking with her, her questions and observations without even meeting our dog made me confident in her knowledge and professionalism. Our dog immediately responded to Kim’s confident authority. Dogs sense when someone knows what they’re doing and respond accordingly. She is kind, gentle and patient with dogs…and their owners! She understands our dog’s temperament and quirks and has helped us to understand his challenges, retrain us and our very sweet but highly reactive terrier. We still have more training to go but we are very pleased we chose Kim and would not hesitate to highly recommend her services. She is wonderful to work with and your dog will love her!

Donna F.
Linden, NJ

Kim has been a godsend. We have a wonderful but somewhat difficult, large adolescent rescue dog, Archie. Kim’s guidance and insights have made it so much easier to integrate him into our family and keep him happy. She is patient, attentive and so well informed that I thoroughly trust her judgement and embrace what she teaches me and my family to make the best home for Archie. You have to click with and trust your dog trainer to follow through and make things work, and after trying other trainers we found this to absolutely be the case with Kim. I highly recommend Kim with no reservations at all!

Cathy M.
Mountainside, NJ

I have a Golden Retriever. She is 15 months old. I was having a hard time training her until I was referred to Kim Mandel. I called her right away. Kim is a wonderful trainer and person. My Golden Retriever took to training quickly. She just loved to see Kim and listened. I am so thankful to Kim for all her help. Thank you so much, Kim.

Carol M.
North Plainfield, NJ

We engaged Kim for our three-month-old puppy whom we found and brought over from overseas. As the first-time dog owners, we needed advice on just about everything from house breaking, to leash walking and learning basic obedience commands. Over the course of six sessions Kim provided invaluable advice and tips, which made it easier to navigate a variety of challenges that we faced in dealing with our very energetic puppy. Kim is very patient and knowledgeable. She helped us view things through our dog’s eyes and explained long-term consequences of any learned behavior. We highly recommend engaging Kim’s services!

Maja O.
Cranford, NJ

Working with Kim is a smart investment in your dog’s future and your own sanity! We got our first dog – as a puppy – and were totally overwhelmed. Group puppy training was helpful for basics but not tailored to our lives. By coming to our home, Kim was able to quickly appreciate the realities of our lives (two apartments, lots of elevators, constantly changing circumstances) and give us training strategies that worked for us and our pup! After only four sessions, we have a much calmer, happier, and well behaved pup!

Lauren D.
Morristown, NJ

Kimberly was recommended by my veterinarian. I had adopted a shelter dog who had been found as a stray in a city. He had already been in several shelters before I adopted him. He was angry and needed treatment for some acute illnesses. It was taking him a lot of time to settle in and adjust. Although he was 2 years old, he exhibited a lot of puppy behaviors and showed fear aggression toward other dogs. Kimberly took time to discuss my dog’s issues and establish our goals, listening to my concerns. She did not come with a set agenda and we worked on the plan for his training together. At the start of each session, I went over my observations during the week past and got her very valuable feedback on what behaviors I had observed in my dog and his progress on the training. Her recommendations were very helpful. We then proceeded to do active training in critical areas. She was excellent with my dog and me. She treated us both with high regard. My dog really liked her and responded to Kimberly by learning fast.

Kimberly takes her role as a trainer very seriously keeping up on the literature in the field and showing flexibility depending on how the dog responds. I highly recommend Kimberly as a trainer.

Chatham, NJ

I have had many dog trainers over the years. Kim was far superior to any of them. She always gave me practical and useful advice. Long after our lessons were over, I refer back to Kim’s advice when working with my dogs. She helped me through some very stressful situations.

Sandy C.
Scotch Plains, NJ

Me and my fiancee purchased a Golden Retriever 8 week old puppy one week before Christmas, and boy were we in for a challenging few months. After struggling to understand our pup, we decided to call Kim for her help, and she was a life saver. From the first training session to the last, Kim was very patient with us as newbie dog parents. Her experience and knowledge really calmed us and helped with building our confidence after a rough start. I would strongly recommend Kim’s services to anyone struggling with their fur baby or if they just want to polish up some of their training methods. Kim is very flexible based on your needs.

Emilio M.
Cranford, NJ

Thank you so much for all your help training Mochi! When we first brought him home, I was like a deer in the headlights. I had no idea where to even begin! Thankfully, Kim was able to provide invaluable information on keeping a schedule, appropriate toys, and basic commands. In no time, Mochi was learning to sit, come, wait, leave it, and walk on a leash. She gave us guidance on effective housetraining and nipping, and answered all of our questions with great advice. Kim was so patient, calm, yet very effective with our dog. In no time at all, Mochi grew very fond of Kim (perhaps because she had so many yummy treats!) I feel confident that we have the building blocks to continue our training as Mochi gets older thanks to the foundation and skills Kim laid out for us. Thanks Kim!

Liz L.
New Providence, NJ

Kim has been absolutely terrific with our two Spanish Water Dog puppies! We had dogs in the house before but contacted Kim when we first brought our two new sister puppies home to get the puppy training started the right way. And that’s exactly what she did, training the humans in our house along with the puppies. She is a marvelous trainer and has a wonderful way with both the canines and their human family. Her style and approach is very effective, and the puppies did very well under her guidance. She responded to their separate and different personalities and helped us address all hiccups we encountered as we integrated the puppies into our household. We were frankly very anxious about having dogs in the house again, and Kim completely eased our minds. She’s fantastic and we highly recommend her to other families.

Stephen S.
South Orange, NJ

Just wanted to say how happy we were with Kim! She really helped us identify solutions to better control our dog who was becoming aggressive with our child. She was wonderful, and I recommend her 1000%.

Shanna W.
Westfield, NJ

Kim is AMAZING! We just wrapped up our last session, and I can’t get over the transformation in our Reagan (2 year old Pitbull mix) over the past two months. Kim covers all the basics and helped us break a lot of bad habits we had instilled over the past 2 years. We are first time puppy owners, and Kim was more than willing to answer all our questions/concerns. I know Reagan is going to miss our weekly sessions and all the yummy treats 🙂 Thanks again!!

Jenn D.
South Plainfield, NJ

Kim did a great job helping us correct unwanted behaviors exhibited by our dog. She was patient, thoughtful, and practical and provided useful techniques that worked quickly. We highly recommend Kim Mandel!

Erika M.
Summit, NJ

Sending gratitude to Kim Mandel!! As a new puppy owner, I had a lot to learn. I chose the 6 session puppy package to help me through this wonderful but challenging stage in our young dog’s life. Kim is patient, kind, reassuring, and knowledgeable. We also participated in a wonderful puppy kindergarten program elsewhere, but Kim guided me through the inevitable challenges that arise at home, outside the controlled confines of the classroom. Kim helped me grow in my own confidence that, with effort and using her strategies, my puppy will continue to develop the self-control and skills she needs to be a well-behaved and thoroughly enjoyable member of our family. I am so grateful to Kim for her warm guidance during this important period of growth and development, and I know she is out there ready to help should additional concerns arise. I strongly recommend Kim Mandel for your dog training needs.

Julie G.
New Providence, NJ

Kimberly is an excellent trainer. She really knows how dogs think and that knowledge facilitates behavior modification. Her knowledge comes from years of experience, training, and working at shelters. She also advises on toys and other dog equipment that will facilitate behavior desired in your dog. She is an excellent communicator and worked well with me so I could teach Boomer. She is able to present examples and metaphors for the rationale behind training techniques. The more I understood about the rationale understanding the training techniques, the more effective I think I became in helping Boomer follow commands. She is intelligent and personable. She is always on time and confirms each appointment the day before.

Alice C.
Berkeley Heights, NJ

Having four children 7 years old and under, we were nervous about having a puppy join our family. Kim came to our home 2 days after our puppy Chewie arrived. Kim included all of our children in all of the training sessions. She was extremely patient and took time to work with each child independently. The children look forward to practicing the various commands Kim has taught them and “Chewie time” is always fun and productive. Thanks to Kim, Chewie has become a wonderful addition to our family.

“She’s nice, and kind and actually shows you how to train the dog.” – Joseph, age 7

“I liked how Miss Kim told me how to teach Chewie to ‘leave it’ when he sees my toys.” – Bennett, age 5

Lisa R. and Family
Westfield, NJ

We enjoyed working with Kim from the start! We brought our puppy home and started training soon after. Kim came to our home and worked with all of us, including our 2 kids and made training fun and effective. Woody is almost 7 months old and is doing terrific! We would recommend Kim in a heartbeat.

Sharon S.
Berkeley Heights, NJ

Kim has been an incredible trainer for our puppy, Pepper. She listens intently to our questions, challenges us as new dog owners, and equips us with tools and techniques that are helping us raise a disciplined and respectful dog. She is also a consummate professional. We highly recommend engaging Kim to help train your dog. She’s wonderful.

Vanessa and John D.
Scotch Plains, NJ

We’ve always had two dogs and then last summer both of our King Charles Cavaliers passed and I was devastated. After close to 40 years of caring for beloved dogs, I was left with none. I knew now was the time to just go for it and adopt 2. Serendipity kicked in and the Cockapoo breeder I had been in touch with had two males still available from the litter she was releasing around Labor Day. And so began my journey with litter mates Bert and Ernie.

Understanding it would be a challenge to handle double energy, double trouble, and double accidents I set out to work with them as I always had with other pets but quickly realized the challenge was beyond my experience and that I needed more support. I was referred to Kim by our veterinarian and could not have been more pleased with the progress we made together.

I bought the pack of six sessions and we proceeded to work on basic practical commands. Not only did Kim teach the “boys” to respond on cue, she taught me an even more valuable lesson—how to work with them, how to understand them, what are reasonable expectations and generally how to socialize them in our environment. We even completed a 7th session to work on walking. And it’s surely possible that I’ll schedule a “refresher” session sometime in the future.

So, I highly recommend Kim as an extraordinary trainer. She understands the dogs and the owners and helps keep us on track. The tricks I learned while working with her are effective on a regular basis in real life situations. Kim not only trains the dogs, she trains the owners as well which is perhaps the most important lesson!

Lori K.
Short Hills, NJ

Kim was great with training. She is gentle, but firm. I believe my Gigi really enjoyed the sessions. I would recommend Kim for your new puppy training.

Marta O.
Westfield, NJ

Kim was a huge help teaching ME how to train my two rescues. She was always punctual, patient, and calm. My dogs reacted to her professionalism and were always glad to see her enter our home! She also helped my 13 year old son learn to walk the dogs (which was not easy)! I would recommend her highly!! Thanks so much.

Robin R.
Summit, NJ

I highly recommend Kim Mandel. She helped us teach our 2 year old Schnauzer not to jump on or mouth on people. He also learned to sit and stay at the door when it opens, and she also helped us with leash walking. Kim is very knowledgeable and professional and is very easy to work with. My dog responded well to her calm demeanor and positive reinforcement.

Meg G.
Springfield, NJ

When it came time to select a trainer for our 1 year old Havanese, Darby, I went online to see what trainers were in our area. Kim had wonderful reviews, so I contacted her by phone to get a feel for her style of training. I liked her approach and felt very confident in having her come to our home to work with us and Darby.

Over a period of 6 training sessions, (a package that Kim offers), we, along with Darby (!), learned the basics of proper training. Kim has such knowledge of how dogs think and passes that on during her training sessions. Her tips on the “better” way to do things have proven invaluable now that we are on our own and following through on what she taught us. It was very impressive to see how in a short time, Darby was responding to her skills and how in following Kim’s direction, we were able to strengthen those skills.

Rick and I were sorry to see our time with Kim end! She was such a pleasant person to spend time with and we are very appreciative of the knowledge she passed onto us and Darby. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a first class dog trainer! If a second doggie is in our future, we will be giving her a call!

Donna and Rick T.
Clark, NJ

I was home recovering from knee surgery- I have a very energetic, active young hound who needed some training to get her to not jump on visitors at my home. Kim was able to work with us to try a get a calmer result – with practice Lexi, my hound is getting better. Kim also gave me some very helpful tips on how to deal with this and some tips on getting her to use her energy in a more positive way. I highly recommend Kim – she is great to work with, very knowledgeable and personable. Lexi also responded very well to her.

Fran L.
Rahway, NJ

At 2 years old, our boxer Henry started to become territorial around our home and in some situations toward other dogs. After researching behavioral trainers, Kim seemed perfect for the job — and we were totally right. Prior to our first session, Kim led an in-depth telephone conversation to understand Henry’s background and personality. Kim proposed a custom plan to help Henry overcome insecurity and greet new guests positively and confidently. With daily practice, we saw a complete turnaround. Henry is doing great, and we are all feeling so much better. Kim is very experienced, always available to answer questions, and really cares about her clients. We highly recommend Kim for challenging behavioral training situations.

Jason S.
Watchung, NJ

We have a 4 month old Shih Tzu and called Kim to come and help us with a few issues, since we are first time dog owners. Kim is a true professional. She was on time every session, and took her time with each exercise. As a result, our puppy has become very well behaved. We look forward to calling her again if and when the need arises. Thank you Kim!

Tracy M.
Cranford, NJ

Kim is incredible, professional and patient! As first time dog owners and parents to two small children (3 and 5), we knew we needed help welcoming our Australian Labradoodle puppy into our home. Kim came for a visit before we brought Sadie home to ensure our space was set up in a way that was puppy-appropriate and positioned us to most easily and effectively manage behavior during the early puppy months.

Kim helped us to understand how we could begin training for the right behaviors from the very start (setting a schedule, housebreaking, crate training, how to handle jumping and nipping, etc). A great dog trainer and equally effective teacher to her human clients, my husband and I often say that Kim helps us crack the Doggie DiVinci Code (why is Sadie doing this? Is it even normal? Most importantly, how do we change it?) She teaches us how to effectively teach our pup, always taking Sadie’s personality into account and diplomatically tells us when we need to change our own behavior to achieve our desired outcome. Kim has given us the confidence in our training plan thereby allowing us to cut through all the conflicting and old-school ‘advice’ you’re often bombarded with as new dog owners.

In our time together, we have included all family members in the training process, including our children and house sitter. Within one session, Kim had taught our 5-year old daughter several tools to work with Sadie including the ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘wait’ commands. Our daughter now uses these tools as a way to confidently manage puppy behavior that would otherwise be overwhelming (and even scary) to a small child.

Kim is always prepared, and guides us through the stages of progressive training. Always sharing the ‘why’ behind the training approaches, she helps us see the world from Sadie’s perspective. I’m thrilled to share that because of our work with Kim, we are developing a happy and balanced relationship with our puppy and Sadie is well on her way to becoming a well-mannered, family dog!

Ashley P.
Westfield, NJ

Kim helped me train both my new puppy Mellie and my 4yr old lab Binny. She gave me great advice on how to adjust to having a second dog. She also gave me great training tips for both dogs. She is an excellent trainer with in depth knowledge and experience. She was easygoing and wonderful to work with. My dogs absolutely LOVED her. I would recommend Kim to anyone with multiple dogs or just with a single dog. I know my dogs will miss seeing her every week!!!

Sandra A.
Westfield, NJ

We adopted a Cavachon puppy for our family of 4. When she started growling and snapping at me, and at our 6 and 11 year old daughters, we were all terribly distraught. My wife and I feared for our girls’ safety, and we were all just about ready to find her a new home. We called Kim as a last ditch effort, and couldn’t be happier that we did. She recognized immediately that little Rosie was exhibiting “guarding” characteristics. She helped us to understand that her growls and snaps were signs of anxiety and stress, as opposed to aggression. She taught us techniques to help Rosie feel more comfortable, and less stressed, in our home. She showed infinite patience with Rosie, with my wife and me (neither of us grew up with dogs), and with our girls. Within weeks we saw such a marked difference in Rosie’s behavior. We are incredibly grateful for all of Kim’s help. We highly recommend her!

Steven B.
Short Hills, NJ

Poppy is our first family dog, and we needed help. We have a 3-year-old child, too, so it was important for us to learn how to manage life with a puppy. Working with Kim, we learned how to teach Poppy obedience cues and how to calm her down when she got super-excited. Getting our puppy’s attention and redirecting her from trouble and understanding how to deal with her nipping were really useful to us. Now we know how to set puppy boundaries without feeling guilty! It’s all in Poppy’s – and our – best interest.

Kristen D.
Mountainside, NJ

Our almost 1 year-old dog was still peeing in the house, whining , and pulling on the leash. We called Kim for help. After working with her, we learned how to limit space and judge when to get Posey outside to do her business. We also learned how to teach her obedience cues, such as down and stay and to stop her whining to get what she wanted. Leash walking is so much better, and best of all….. She lies down on her mat and stays there while we eat dinner. No more begging!

J.P. and Brooke M.
Fanwood, NJ

I contacted Kim, because I was looking for a positive reinforcement trainer. Buttercup was still having accidents in the house and not listening to me. I learned that I was really the one who needed training! Kim set me up on a different housetraining plan that helped Buttercup learn to hold her potty needs until we took her outside. I also learned how to use the clicker and food rewards to teach her obedience cues. Her behavior has really improved!

Mary T.
Warren, NJ

We wanted to get a puppy for years but as first time dog owners we were hesitant because we knew a puppy would need lots of training and we had no idea where to start. My sister worked with Kim a few years ago and she recommended that we give her a call and set up some private training classes. That call was the best thing we’ve ever done. Kim is one of the most caring, organized and passionate dog trainers I know. She spent about 30minutes on the phone with me during my initial call explaining her style of training and answering all my questions. When she arrived for our first training session she helped me with our set up in the kitchen and she gave us all kinds of hand-outs including feeding, a daily schedule, and even how to sort the puppy’s toys. Everything she recommended, we do, and it has made our life with our puppy so much easier and a lot more fun. The whole family is now completely engaged in our training plan and the puppy. I feel like we have a structure now and that Kim has given us knowledge to help us guide our puppy as he grows. I highly recommend Kim if you are getting a puppy or even if you already have a dog. She understands how dogs behave and can give solutions and suggestions for owners, too, so everyone can live in harmony. Five Star Rating from our family.

Jennifer L.
Madison, NJ

We contacted Kim to help us train our newly adopted 3 year old Schnauzer. We needed basic obedience and leash walking training. Zoey barked at people, other dogs, and squirrels. We all practiced what Kim taught us and are very happy with Zoey’s changes. Everyone enjoys walking with her now. She comes in from the yard when we call her. When people visit, she can sit and stay while we answer the door. The training has turned Zoey into a generally calmer dog.

Marianne and David L.
Mountainside, NJ

Kim provided us with a lot of great techniques to use with our dogs in terms of house training and becoming more comfortable around strangers. We have been utilizing her techniques and have seen a lot of improvement with our dogs. She really knows how to help, we highly recommend her.

Michelle R.
Roselle Park, NJ

Kim Mandel is like the Mary Poppins of dog trainers. She is very knowledgeable, kind, loving and firm, and our Cavachon pup was always eager to see what treats or toys she would pull out of her bag of tricks. Kim makes herself available for questions after sessions and shows a real interest in seeing her “students” succeed. She often has good tips or ideas to address particular situations, and helped us empty-nesters deal with a puppy when the last time we did so was nearly 25 years ago. We highly recommend her.

Jane and Charles S.
Westfield, NJ

Kim is great to work with. She is calm and effective with our puppy. She provides specific training activities we use during his daily routine, and they work! He was already following the commands without food reinforcers after the first meeting with Kim. She was also available to meet prior to getting our pup to help have a “plan” which for first time puppy owners was extremely valuable. She’s also been very accessible by text whenever we have questions.

Melissa G.
Livingston, NJ

Working with Kim is such a pleasure. Kim is helping me to train my newest Cavalier, while re-enforcing some things with my other older dog. This is the third dog I have owned that I have used Kim to train. Her methods are easy to understand and they work. The dogs are all so responsive to her, and I feel like I’m making great progress. Kim has so much patience with my dogs, and with me, too. I highly recommend Kimberly Mandel.

Abby S.
Livingston, NJ

Kim is an absolute gem. Her gentle but firm manner with our pups had them (and us!) in awe. We all learned so much from her to make a seemingly difficult situation more manageable; enabling a much smoother transition from one dog to two. She has our our highest recommendation 🙂

Nancy G.
Westfield, NJ

Kim was very easy and personable to work with. My dog immediately took to her style and quickly started to learn. Kim also was willing to have our 4 year old in on the training and helped him learn how to train the dog as well. With Kim’s help, our 4 year old had our dog lying down on command that day! I would highly recommend her!

Jessica S.
Cranford, NJ

Kim was recommended in a way by my teenage son. He said that his friend’s dog was the best-behaved dog he knew – So, I got Kim’s number! She came to me the first week that we rescued Alfie. He was around 6 months old: very bony, scared, probably abused, and nervous. We are a noisy family of 5 with busy teenagers, lots of travel and activities, and no dog-owning experience. I was as nervous as the dog! I wanted to re-assure Alfie that we would look after him and not make any mistakes. 
Kim trained me/us as much as she trained the dog! She helped me have confidence to set the rules for the family and the dog. She has shown me that the dog doesn’t want autonomy but that he wants to be told what to do and he is looking to be rewarded for following the rules. She has worked with my husband and with the kids, with the cleaners and the cat. We have worked on the basics: (sit, stay, wait, recall) as well as leash training, and answering the door, waiting on the stairs and playing with the kids. I have asked her numerous questions: toys, food, medical issues, boarding and all her advice has been useful.
I have found Kim to be very professional and friendly, very well-organised, punctual and flexible. Alfie loves her and behaves impeccably when she is talking to him. I am very happy to recommend her.

Susie R.
Chatham, NJ

Working with Kim really helped me to better communicate with Nugget. The improved communication has reduced many of her dangerous unwanted behaviors like bolting through open doors and chasing.
Kim is a top notch trainer, and I highly recommend to give her a call if you need help with training.

Joe K. and Nugget
Watchung, NJ

I feel fortunate that I was introduced to Kim Mandel as a trainer for my dog. I had tried someone else earlier but I wasn’t happy. Kim is so knowledgeable that my dog and I both learned a lot. I strongly recommend her services.

Barbara E.
Westfield, NJ

We recently adopted a one year old rescue and needed some help in training him with basic commands and leash walking. Kim was recommended to us by a friend and she was fantastic. Kim has a wonderful way of teaching the dog while still respecting him and showing him affection. Our dog gladly worked with Kim without an ounce of fear or confusion. This style of training was extremely important to us. Kim was patient with our dog and even more patient with us and our kids! Kim is always there for us when we have a question or concern. We highly recommend Kim Mandel and couldn’t be happier with her results.

David S.
Cranford, NJ

This past August, my wife and I decided we wanted to add a 3rd dog to our home, and we rescued a 4 year old, 100lb, non-neutered clumsy oaf, yellow lab named Chase, from a family that could no longer care for him. Having easily trained my other 2 dogs (now 11 & 8), I figured I could handle Chase myself. I was very wrong. When we got him home it turns out that Chase hadn’t been taught much of anything beyond “sit”. He acted as though he hadn’t been given any restrictions in his old household at all (jumping on people & furniture, eating off of counters, running out of the doors & fence gates, barging into the bathroom, drinking from toilets, etc.). As this was my wife’s first experience training a dog, the degree of difficulty with Chase was high.

We could not have been happier with the results of the 6 lessons that Chase had with Kim. Not only did she work diligently with Chase 1 on 1, but Kim also worked with my other 2 dogs as well to help them all learn to safely interact with each other. Chase turned out to be a very quick study, and quickly fell into “the pack”. He learned all of the basics that I had taken for granted (lay down, stay, etc.). Needless to say we were very impressed with how well Kim was able to handle all of the old, deeply ingrained poor behaviors that Chase had. By the end of our sessions Chase didn’t want to see Kim go!

Kim was also great at explaining exactly what she was doing, when to do it, and why the dogs responded to it. This has allowed us to keep working with the 3 dogs on our own as well. The importance of this really can’t be overstated – my wife had never trained a dog before Chase, and the ability of Kim to clearly explain our role in Chase’s training is something that I have rarely encountered with other trainers I have tried in the past.

If we ever need canine training again, Kim is going to be my first call!

Adam S.
Watchung, NJ

Kim has been terrific with our 2 maltipoos. She is very educated and a great teacher to dogs and their owners! We got 2 new puppies and were so nervous. She calmed our fears and educated us on the training process and the behaviors of our puppies. She helped us make the training process easy and enjoyable. Her knowledge couldn’t have been more helpful.
5 stars for Kim Mandel!

Nicki K.
Livingston, NJ

Kim was a pleasure to work with. Kim worked with us and our dog in a non-judgmental, constructive and analytical manner to teach us how to be better dog owners and also to train our dog to be less reactive to other dogs. She showed us that, while there are no shortcuts, through consistent training we can greatly improve the behavior of our dog to live in a heavily dog-populated neighborhood. Importantly, she gave us a much better understanding of what is going on from a dog’s point of view and how we can diffuse a tense situation as well as work properly with our dog in the future.

Tanya and Dan P.
Summit, NJ

Kim is a wonderful trainer! I have used her with both of my dogs on many occasions. She not only has the patience and expertise to train my puppies, but also was able to break my older dog of his bad habits! She is worth every penny and has made me realize that it is important to train our dogs otherwise they will train you! Thank you, Kim!

Nina O’C
Westfield, NJ

When my life changed last year, it was suggested that I get a puppy. They advised me that it would be a lot of work but I was determined. Well to my surprise it was a lot of work, but my vet advised me to get a trainer and suggested Kimberly Mandel. I called her to my rescue and now just a few short months later I am enjoying Muffin. What I learned was that I had to be trained to make sure that I knew how to handle the dog. I highly recommend that if you have a problem with your dog to call Kim, and I can guarantee you that your problem would be solved. I give her five stars.

Bea D.
Cedar Knolls, NJ

We recently adopted Dezi who is a young male dog from a hoarding situation and decided it would be best if we had some professional training sessions with him in our home. Kim has been able to teach us and guide us on basic behavioral concerns and we have been so happy with what Dezi has accomplished in such a short time. Kim was fantastic with Dezi and he really responded well to her. It is so nice to see how trainable dogs really are with a little time and patience! Dezi is still mastering what he has learned but it is amazing to see how far he has come in just 2 months. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone; she really seems to have a way with animals!

Joy K.
Millington, NJ

We adopted Callie, an adorable chihuahua/terrier mix, who is filled with love and spunk. Never having owned a dog before, we needed some help in how to handle a puppy. Kim taught us to set clear boundaries and to pay attention to Callie’s behaviors. A week after our first session, Callie was almost completely house trained. Walking on the leash was a challenge for Callie. She would be so distracted and bark at other dogs. Not any more! Using the methods and strategies Kim gave us, we can peacefully walk around the block and Callie stays much more focused. Just the other day, I was outside with her and one of my neighbors commented, “What a well-behaved little dog you have.” They couldn’t believe she was only four months old. This is a clear example of how Kim’s methods really do work and what an excellent trainer she is.

Lore W.
Scotch Plains, NJ

Kim was recommended by our vet after we adopted our 3-year old rescue, Laverne. Kim is a keen observer of dog behavior and that informs all of her recommendations. She shares the “why” of dog behaviors along with the “how” of shaping it–and that helps the learning stick with my husband and I. She’s also very skilled at breaking down training tasks into discrete steps that build on each other and lead to success. While she draws upon her extensive experience with many dogs during training, Kim assessed our peculiar yet wonderful Laverne as an individual, and conducted sessions that accommodated her strengths and her quirks. I highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants to get off on the right foot with their canine companion.

Gail N.
Berkeley Heights, NJ

Kim gave us a great deal of comfort and ease in integrating our new puppy into the household. Her explanations are clear and succinct and eminently practical. She helped us set up a structure for our puppy to succeed in the household by suggesting a daily schedule for housetraining and giving us clear, easy to follow guidelines for teaching the puppy basic obedience skills (sitting, going on walks, lying down, etc.). Kim was available via text for questions large and small, and was an integral part of our puppy’s first few months in our home. We highly recommend working with her!

Anne Marie K.
South Orange, NJ

I contacted Kim after reading the great reviews that other clients had written. Because of an unexpected early delivery, my daughter, her husband, newborn baby, and 7 month old Standard Poodle, Alfie, came to stay with me for a month. Having a new baby in the house was an adjustment enough, but an adolescent 40 pound puppy added a high amount of stress and concern to everyone. Kim was a tremendous help in teaching us how to best handle a high energy puppy so that commands were honored and obeyed. She patiently and calmly spent time to show us how to handle different situations involving guests and family members. Most of all, she showed us how to work with Alfie around the new baby, and how to manage him in a large family setting with a lot of activity. And at the same time. Alfie responded so well to the training sessions. He seemed to be more secure knowing what is expected of him. After our in house sessions with Kim, both my daughter’s family and my family felt much more comfortable and relaxed with Alfie and so much more confident in our interactions with him. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone seeking a professional, knowledgeable dog trainer.

Bonnie M.
Roseland, NJ

Kim really helped me deal with specific issues I had with my puppy: jumping, calming down, & potty training. I had taken my cockapoo to puppy training at St. Hubert’s, but she became too distracted by the other dogs to learn quickly. I also found it hard to apply some of the lessons at home. Kim was skilled, friendly & professional, & was able to help me find solutions that were specific to my house & my puppy. Thanks, Kim!

Cathy M.
Chatham, NJ

Kim is very professional and a pleasure to work with. Her approach to training was gentle and positive. She very easily put our nervous puppy at ease and made the whole process manageable.

Sapna L.
Chatham, NJ

Kim was so helpful in training my two adopted puppies. She clearly explains her very effective techniques, is a great problem solver, obviously loves dogs, and is a pleasure to be around. One of my puppies is very fearful, so is difficult to train but we made a ton of progress in a short time. Thanks, Kim!

Marysol M. Cali and Piper
Scotch Plains, NJ

Our pointer-mix, Annie, was a real challenge after raising three golden retrievers. Annie is a mischievous, exuberant little dog that gets into everything. My vet recommended that I contact Kim. Kim came to our home and immediately recognized several bad habits that needed to be addressed. She made several recommendations that Annie responded to. Kim’s help did not stop there. She was always available whether by phone or email to answer my questions.

Barbara S.
Cranford, NJ

Kim was an integral part of our first few months with our new puppy, Yoshi. She was very helpful and patient as we relayed our many questions and concerns about our new addition. We took her puppy class and learned a lot about the basics, which really helped us. Later on, we took her Out and About course, which helped with walking skills as well as controls around strangers and public places. I would recommend Kim to anyone looking for help with their dog. She is very professional and really knows her stuff!

Kathy Z.
Garwood, NJ

When we unexpectedly became the proud owners of a three month old Great Pyrenees, my husband and I turned to Kim in what I can now fondly recall as a state of desperation. We knew nothing about dog behavior and training, and our new puppy had a stubborn streak! Kim’s calm demeanor and professional manner put us immediately at ease. She taught us all of the basics that we needed to know to become responsible puppy owners. Just watching her gently control and teach Luna had us breathing easier. Now that our puppy is nine months old and about 75 pounds, we look forward to bringing her back to our home for some continuing education! We highly recommend Kim Mandel.

Eileen K.
Livingston, NJ

We LOVE Kim at the Westfield Animal Hospital! Clients that have taken the class can’t say enough about how PAWSOME the class was and how much they got out of it. Kim is very professional and we highly recommend taking one of her group or private classes. She will help you and your pet!

Westfield Animal Hospital

Kim is amazing and so knowledgeable. Each time she came to work with our family, she taught us so much! She has the patience of a saint! Kim also is easily accessible by email and offers so much helpful input. Highly recommended!!!

Maryann M.
Cranford, NJ

Kim was recommended to us by our family vet. We just moved to a new neighborhood and I was hoping that Kim could help us get our large dogs used to the new house – (they were tearing things up when we left for the day). In addition, we needed a refresher on basic training. Kim was fantastic! She was great with our dogs, very knowledgable, informative and patient. Through her guidance our dogs are much better behaved and we now have peace of mind when we leave the house that things will be in order when we return. I would highly recommend Kim!

Leslie S.
Chatham, NJ

As someone who never grew up with a pet of any kind, I was quite nervous and overwhelmed when we decided to adopt a 5 month old boxer-mix puppy from a local shelter. Our vet recommended Kim Mandel as a trainer and I knew when she first came over to our home that she was just what we needed. Our puppy, Brady, seemed mesmerized by her approach which is a combination of firm limit setting and a calm and gentle style. I felt comfortable enough to admit that I was stressed and Kim assured me that it was normal to feel that way and that things would get better.

We learned the basic commands in Kim’s puppy class and have continued on in her “Out and about” dog-walking classes now that Brady is an “adolescent”. We have learned so much and so has Brady!

Kim is very accessible and she has never made me feel that any of my questions are too silly or too many!

Perhaps the most important lesson I have learned from Kim to date is that training has just as much to do with training the owner as training the dog! Everyone in the family is learning to be more patient, consistent, positive, and resilient and I really feel that Kim is our partner with us on this journey as new dog owners.

I highly recommended her !!!!

Eileen McD.
Westfield, NJ

When I first contacted Kim I was blown away by the way she explained things and how she takes her time to make sure you are understanding the correct way to train your dog. My puppy Benito and myself really love her and her way of training! We look forward to every class with her! We will continue training with Benito as we think he will make a good Therapy Dog and Kim will help us achieve that! We now have a young puppy girl that will be starting class with Kim very soon too!!
We highly recommend her!

Paola C. and Benito
North Plainfield NJ

Our vet recommended Kim to us after he thought our little 8-month old rescue puppy might need help with socialization. Kim came to our home and not only worked with Abby on socialization but also gave us so many great suggestions to help with separation anxiety and dog walking. It’s been three months now and she’s making great progress. She’s great with new people and other dogs and is getting much better at staying home without us.
We’re very grateful to Kim for all her help. I would highly recommend her to anyone who rescues a pet or is a first-time pet owner.

Annemarie and Jim S.
South Plainfield, NJ

Kim did a wonderful job with our Clover while we were away on vacation during his Board and Train. We came back to a very well-behaved puppy who learned some new commands and how to walk on his leash very nicely. We are looking forward to using her again in the future. Thank you, Kim!

Barbara G.
South Plainfield, NJ

As a new puppy owner I knew that I needed to enroll in a puppy class in order to work on socialization and training of our new family member. I found Kim’s information online and enrolled in her class. We were very happy with our classes and continued working with Kim after this class as well. We always receive such personal attention when working with Kim and she is very patient. Jalapeno always enjoyed the classes and we saw remarkable improvement during our time working together, plus he was always exhausted when we got home (definitely a plus for a puppy owner!) Kim is full of little tips and tricks which make such a difference when working on training a puppy. She helped us pick out an appropriately fitting no-pull harness for him to wear and recommended toys for his endless chewing. We look forward to continuing to work with Kim in the future!

Michelle M. and Jalapeno
Scotch Plains, NJ

Kim came to our rescue when we came home with Maddie our eight week old mini Labradoodle to be part of our retirement life. We needed Help!!! Kim’s first lesson was the training of us as well as Maddie. Each session of the six week program as presented by Kim was followed by us and Maddie and the results were very positive. Kim’s approach of showing Maddie and us that being calm, gentle, but firm made the training process a pleasure. We feel that Kim did an outstanding job with Maddie and of course us. We would highly recommend Kim to anyone that needed a trainer. Reading puppy training books is not the way and we were grateful that Kim was recommended to us. Thank you for helping us and our new baby. We know that we can count on you as time goes on and additional Help is needed.

Roger and Linda S.
Livingston, NJ

Kim is very knowledgeable and patient.  My dog had limited self control around other dogs.  Kim provided great insight into the reasons for her behavior and gave us very practical steps to take to better manage her situation and behavior.  We are continuing to work on this and are making progress, all thanks to Kim’s guidance!!

Liz W.
Scotch Plains, NJ

Kim did a great job training my rescue dog Minnie. She helped me with Minnie’s jumping problem, improved her leash walking, command of sit and stay, etc. Minnie loved Kim and was always happy to see her, which also helped with the training. Kim is really a joy to work with – she’s very flexible in her approach and can handle any problem! I highly recommend her!

Roberta R.
Summit, NJ

We called Kim after rescuing our Jack Russell, Lucy, because Lucy growled when we would pet her. Kim explained that Lucy was hand shy and gave us valuable information and suggestions on how to help her. She also taught Lucy the sit command in 1 session. Kim is very knowledgeable about dog behaviors.

Julie H.
Cranford, NJ

We hired Kim to help us train our 6 months old Labrottie. She was very professional and knowledgeable trainer. We did 6 training sessions with her and this gave us very solid foundation. We will definitely hire her again if we need professional dog training services in the future.

Kiryl M.
Westfield, NJ

We asked Kim to help us with our eight week old Goldendoodle. She has been such a helpful, thoughtful and expert trainer. This is the first dog that either of us has owned and, without Kim’s input, we would have had a very difficult time. Instead, with Kim’s input, we felt ready to bring our puppy home. She came to our house before he arrived to give us helpful advice about how to arrange the house and what items we might like to have on hand. Once he arrived, she provided essential advice for helping him to adjust to his new surroundings and family. Kim is also very dependable and available to help by phone as well. She is truly terrific, and we recommend her highly. Our puppy is thriving, and we intend to continue to work with Kim as our puppy goes through adolescence into adulthood.

Nancy G. and David K.
Chatham, NJ

We hired Kim in advance for 6 training sessions knowing we would be getting our 2 Old English Sheepdog puppies. Kim is very knowledgeable & very committed to her training. We had 2 prior pups who passed away, who we never really trained, so know that we will have 2 big dogs in the future knew that we would need training with them. She was terrific with the dogs and amazing how she so quickly could get the pups to respond to her commands. She was also always available by phone if we needed her suggestions & advice. We had our last session with her last week, so know we need to follow through with our part of the training. If we feel we need additional training, will DEFINITELY be calling Kim back to help us. Thanks, Kim! You will need to come back & visit Floyd & Sherrie once they are full grown 🙂

Darlene and John R.
Chatham, NJ

I cannot say enough positive things about Kim and her training. Kim came to my home to help me with some corrections needed for my two Corgis, Ethan and Khloe. Kim gave me some easy, basic techniques to use and they worked. Later on, I attended Kim’s six week course with Ethan, and again, learned some invaluable lessons. I highly recommend Kim and would use her again in a minute! Thanks for everything!

Kathy O. Khloe and Ethan
Roselle, NJ