So Many Toys and Chews!! What to Buy????

Sorting through the quagmire of toy and chew options can be confusing…not to mention, expensive. The choices are overwhelming. The true test for great “dog stuff” involves productive, constructive FUN, safety, and durability. Toys vs. Chews It helps to separate your dog’s playthings into two categories: toys and chews. You and your dog play together […]

Handling Tolerance: How to Install and Maintain It

Some dogs are snuggle-bugs. Some really are not; they prefer limited touching and a wider “zone”.  Regardless of your dog’s preference, it’s important to install and maintain his appreciation of petting and demonstrations of physical affection.  Too much of a good thing is often de-valued and too much unwelcome attention sets up for avoidance.  Either […]

Multiple Dog Households: Is This For You? Or Done Deal.

Dog are social animals, with a group mentality. For some individuals, this group includes both humans and other dogs.  But, many dogs thrive best as an “only”, preferring to share their home environments solely with humans.  Should yours be a multi-dog household?  Carefully consider your motives and the impact on your already-established canine friend.  Perhaps […]

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie… But Not on the Sofa

It’s easy to take the favorite chair, sofa, and other human resting spots for granted. It is, simply, furniture.  There’s a broader import from the dog’s perspective, though.  The sofa, upholstered chairs, and the bed appear to be the safest and most comfy resting areas in the environment, aka your home.  This is a “resource” […]

The Trouble with Expectations

I’ve heard it said that expectations are pre-meditated disappointments and frustrations. It’s natural to have expectations when a new dog arrives in the home.  Perhaps you have owned dogs in the past or spent time in the presence of friends’ dogs.  We all want the idyllic and harmonious companionship we imagined when the decision was […]

Doggy Gift Guide for Savvy Shoppers

T’is the season to buy gifts for our loved ones.  Do you know anyone who doesn’t include the dog on the holiday gift list?  Sorting through the quagmire of treat and toy options can be confusing…not to mention, expensive. Toys vs. Chews It helps to separate your dog’s playthings into two categories:  toys and chews.  […]

Get Ready for Guests

As the holiday season descends upon us, along come family and friends.  It’s a fun and busy time of year.  If you have confidence in your dog’s hosting qualities, hats off to you.  If you have a few nagging doubts, here is a pre-season checklist to consider. Guest and Party Basics Let’s start at the […]

Counter Shopping: Prevent or Correct a Nasty Habit

Most dogs are likely to try counter shopping when left to their devices in the kitchen. Our beloved dogs are, at heart, opportunistic scavengers.  No household, especially one where a child resides, is totally free of foodstuffs on a kitchen counter.  What better scenario to pull off an enormous “payoff”?  This happens only once, and […]

Halloween Scary Tails

Donning costumes and overeating chocolate candy are highlights that come with Halloween. It’s fun to be a little scared – but not for everyone. DE-SENSITIZE YOUR DOG TO SPOOKINESS Motion detector decorations catch us all unawares and can be nothing short of terrifying to your dog. When the Halloween decorations begin to appear in your […]

Sizing Up the Dog Park

Dog parks offer our pets a confined area where they can run and benefit from aerobic exercise. The parks can also provide a community pet advocacy platform and a group to share pet-related resources. Pay several visits to the dog parks without your dog. Observe the groups – dogs and humans – to assess whether you […]