KIDS AND DOGS: When Supervision IS NOT Enough

Most parents, who are dog owners, know that supervision is essential, BUT uninformed supervision can’t prevent bite events. Half of all dog bite victims are children. Even the most gentle dog can and will bite, if pushed beyond her threshold. Often a parent or caregiver is in close proximity to the child and the dog […]

Hyperactive!! What Does That Mean? AND What To Do About It?

Many dogs are described as hyperactive. Labelling behaviors does not provide  solutions or excuses for impulsivity.  Owners do not have to live with a “wild child”. A productive approach is to understand the triggers behind those behaviors, which present as unruly, inattentive, or just plain mindless. Excessive activity is often a lack of emotional self-control and intolerance […]

Canine Behavior Basics

WHY DOES MY DOG DO THAT?!?! Perhaps you are referring to this behavior: your dog is sitting calmly at your side, making soft, adoring eye contact….. It’s more likely, he is engaging in an inappropriate behavior you’d really love to shut down.   The reason your dog is doing that is because….it’s working for him! Owners […]

Establishing Boundaries, Routines, and Predictable Schedules

Physical health and a stable emotional state determine the behavioral wellness of animals. Vet visits are an essential part of responsible dog ownership. Deliberate care of our dog’s emotional lives is equally important to their well-being. Dogs are the ultimate creatures of habit. They thrive on structure in the environment and predictability in their lives. […]

Training – Enrichment – Management

SET-UP FOR SUCCESS New Dog Equipment Checklist Crate with a divider Five or Six foot nylon or leather leash – not a retractable leash Flat collar or harness Kong® and other food-dispensing toys Fetch and tug toys Long line for outdoors (regardless of yard fencing) Chews, such as bully sticks,,antlers, and hooves *ASK YOUR VET […]

Environmental Enrichment and Mental Stimulation

Puppies and young dogs spend many of their waking hours, looking for ways to engage themselves physically and mentally. This is healthy and normal. Current animal science studies show that mental stimulation fatigues dogs faster than physical exercise. Here are suggestions for keeping your dog brain-busy in “human-approved” activities. Please note that all of these activities […]